General Hospital Spoilers And News: Steve Burton Reveals Work and Life Plans Post GH

It’s an understatement to say that General Hospital fans have become angry at the recent events which lead to the firing of GH leading man and legend, Steve Burton. Many believe Burton cannot be replaced as the iconic Jason Morgan, and others just want to see the character live on.

General Hospital news reports confirm Steve has gone on the record to address his plans post-life as Jason Morgan on General Hospital. He also addresses the fan’s feelings toward the whole ordeal. He admits that he knows people are angry, but encourages his fans not to be angry for him, as he himself isn’t angry.

General Hospital spoilers reveal recent Zoom sessions where Steve reveals his future plans. Regarding his exit, he said, “As sad as it is, it’s exciting also, for me…everyone’s been so gracious saying ‘Hey! Another show will call.’ If they do, awesome. We’ll see what it is but right now I’m really happy being home and figuring out what the next venture is.”

Right now, Steve has been done taping scenes at GH for about six weeks. He is enjoying being home and able to take his kids to school every day. Burton explained he isn’t in any type of rush to make his next career move. He disclosed, “My first inclination is to not rush to go anywhere right now.”

Steve Burton did mention he has visions of his next move which would involve coaching. Burton Nutrition is owned and run by Burton, as his health and fitness interest also serves as a career opportunity. When referring to his future, he described his thoughts on what’s to come by stating, “It’s gonna be something, definitely something with coaching. Coaching guys with nutrition and fitness but also mindset coaching cause that’s really been the key for me in the last year is the mindset so if I can help people improve their lives or change something in their lives to make their lives better, that’s kinda the route I wanna go because I’m really passionate about it and I love it and I love doing it.”

It sounds like Steve Burton has left the role of Jason Morgan with his head held high. He previously stated that he’s love to return to his home at General Hospital someday, if and when the mandate has been lifted. We hope for the same outcome, Steve! And we WILL be holding our breath for your return.

Steve Burton went on to express his feelings on fans who have stated they will boycott GH now that he and Jason are gone. He encourages fans not to take that route and the importance of keeping this legendary soap opera on the air. “I’m not here to tell anyone to stop watching the show. I never would have even in 2012. That’s my home. People make their living that way and those people are important to me still, it’s still my family,” Steve said.

If you’re thinking of giving up on General Hospital over Steve’s exit, please take his words of advice into consideration. The ones he loves make their livelihood from our beloved soap. There’s no sense in causing cast and crew to lose their jobs over this. Steve made it clear that he isn’t mad and doesn’t want his fans to be mad for him. Steve took the high road and stood up for his belief in freedom. We can’t be mad about that!