General Hospital News And Spoilers: Cameron’s Off To Stanford- William Lipton Exits To Focus On His Band

William Lipton leaving GH

Is William Lipton leaving GH? Sometimes, after a painful breakup, a fresh start is necessary to move on. Though, it’s tough at times to travel the same roads as when we were in love.

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

It wasn’t long ago when two best friends realized they had secretly been crushing on one another. Josslyn jacks (Eden, McCoy) and Cameron Webber built their relationship and friendship and mutual trust. Seemingly, the young lovers had what it takes for the long haul. But, it’s not uncommon for young lovers to grow apart. Sadly, it’s most devastating when one partner outgrows the other. And that’s exactly what happened between Joss and Cam.

Aside from playing Cameron Webber, Lipton’s music career is hitting new heights. The Runarounds members, GH’s William Lipton, Jeremy Yun, Axel Ellis, Zendé, and Jesse Golliher displayed their musical talents at General Hospital this past September.

Is William Lipton Leaving GH?

In addition, The Runarounds played a special performance on the hit Netflix series, Outer Banks. Due to his increasing success with the band, as well as Cameron playing soccer at Stanford, GH fans speculate that William’s GH exit is near.

Did his break up with Josslyn run Cameron out of town? Or, will an old friend move back to Port Charles and give Cam an reason to stay? Rumor has it that GH fans hope to see Brooklyn Silzer return to reprise her role as Emma Drake.

Although General Hospital news reports have not yet confirmed Lipton’s upcoming exit, fans question his status as Cameron.