General Hospital News and Spoilers: Details Behind Cameron Mathison’s Multi-Picture Deal With Great American Media

Cameron Mathison’s Multi Picture Deal
Cameron Mathison’s Multi Picture Deal

Cameron Mathison is one of the most recognized names in daytime television. He’s also played roles in multiple Hallmark Channel movies, various television shows, and was also a talk show host. Arguably, his role as Ryan Lavery on ABC’s All My Children set his career into high gear. Prior to landing the role in 1998, Mathison worked as a male model.

Today, Cameron Mathison is General Hospital’s Drew Cain. He joined the now 60 year old daytime drama in April of 2021. Mathison took on the role of the now-late Billy Miller after that actor left the role in 2019.

GH’s Mathison Signs Multi Picture Deal With Great American Media

According to General Hospital news and spoilers, Mathison just added a major film project to his acting career. Reportedly, Christmas To Remember star Cameron Mathison is taking on film projects over the some time. According to the latest GH spoilers and news. Cameron Mathison’s multi picture deal with Great American Media extends to all platforms of the media company. He is said to take part in Great American Family and Great American Faith & Living. Additionally, Mathison’s projects include work on its streaming service, Great American Pure Flix

We look forward to seeing more of Cameron Mathison in these upcoming projects! GH Blog will keep fans updated on any GH casting changes or news regarding Mathison’s GH status.

General Hospital News and Spoilers: Drew Heads to Pentonville- Is Cameron Mathison Leaving GH?

Cameron Mathison leaving GH

Today’s GH buzz surrounding Cameron Mathison leaving GH sparked after scenes from the Port Charles courtroom. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as expected. In a shocking bombshell, Drew Cain (Cameron Mathison) was sentenced to two years in prison. This comes after he willingly took a plea deal to satisfy the SEC.

Previously, Mathison spilled some piping hot tea; the kind that gets fans all fired up and asking questions. In an interview, Cameron shared Drew’s fate in PC. He unexpectedly revealed drop a bombshell.

General Hospital fans immediately began to inquire about Mathison’s GH status. If two years in Pentonville is his fate, then is Cameron Mathison leaving GH? So far, a few GH rumors speculate that there are a few ways this could go. That being said, if Drew really gets hauled off in handcuffs, will he serve the full sentence? Or will some unexpected action vindicate him? Whatever the outcome, General Hospital Blog will keep fans up to date on any new developments.

We sure hope Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) steps up to do the right thing!

General Hospital Spoilers And Rumors: A True Hero- Drew Dies Saving Willow!?!?

Drew dies saving Willow

Drew dies saving Willow?! …Michael and Willow’s wedding week is getting wild! In soap opera time, sometimes it takes at least a week to get through one single day in Port Charles.

General Hospital spoilers… This week, Michael and Willow’s wedding drama builds up for days! Willow Tait is barely clinging to life as she prepares to walk down the aisle. Still, she remains grateful. Despite her tragic reality, the future Mrs. Corinthos is beaming with joy to marry the man she loves. Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) Meanwhile, over on the Haunted Star, Victor Cassadine (Charles Shaughnessy) holds Willow’s bone marrow donor hostage.

It’s no doubt that Willow’s been blessed with a chosen family who loves her dearly. As General Hospital recaps recall, Willow’s childhood and upbringing left many scars. It wasn’t until recent years did she finally find peace with a family who loves her. Each and every one of them loves Willow like their own. That being said, many are willing to go to bat to save her.

Drew Dies A Hero?

According to General Hospital spoilers and previews, Drew Cain (Cameron Mathison) heads off to help locate the Haunted Star. Ultimately, Liesl must be found and brought back safely to Port Charles in order to save Willow. Time is running out, and it’s anyone’s guess how much longer Willow has on this Earth. So, Drew being the noble steed that he is, he volunteered himself to help bring Liesl home.

General Hospital rumors… Tragically, Carly’s heart doesn’t just break for Drew during his mission. She begged him to return and he assured her that he’d come back home. Sadly, if GH rumors are true, Drew dies saving Willow! Will Drew die in his attempt to find Liesl and save Willow’s life?!

Thankfully, there have been no GH news reports regarding Mathison’s GH status. Thus far, Cameron is still on contract with the daytime drama. Stay tuned to see more major bombshells! General Hospital is FULL of surprises!

General Hospital News And Spoilers: Cameron Mathison Takes A Step Back From General Hospital

After the announcement was made confirming daytime star Cameron Mathison would be joining the cast of General Hospital, fans long awaited his role as the recast for Drew Cain (formerly played by Billy Miller).

General Hospital comings and goings reports reveal another change involving Mathison’s status with the daytime drama. General Hospital news and spoilers confirm Cameron reached out to Executive Producer, Frank Valentini back in November of 2021, seeking a job. Come August if that year, Cameron Mathison has made his debut as the new Drew Cain.

Less than a year later, General Hospital spoilers indicate that Mathison is taking a step back from his role as Drew on ABC’s General Hospital.

General Hospital news reports confirm Mathison has began filming a movie in Ontario, Canada, taking him away from Prospect Studios in California. In a recent Instagram post, Mathison shared a photo with his The Christmas Farm, co-star, Janie Wagner, revealing his location while filming the holiday movie. His caption reads, “Tryin’ to keep up with Jill in the gym while we’re shooting up here in North Bay.”

General Hospital Blog will keep fans up to date on the duration of Mathison’s hiatus from GH. Keep checking back for the latest General Hospital spoilers, news, and more!