General Hospital News And Spoilers: William Lipton’s GH Status Revealed

After the recent news regarding General Hospital star, Sydney Mikayla’s status with the soap opera, GH fans questioned the status of co-star, William Lipton.

Mikayla and Lipton are in the spotlight together as part of the teen scene on GH. Recent General Hospital news reports confirmed Sydney Mikayla’s new, recurring status, bringing attention to her co-star William Lipton, and his role on General Hospital as Cameron Webber.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Lipton’s role has been recurring for some time, yet his character, Cameron, has been a prominent character in a leading story line with the Cassadines.

General Hospital previews indicate the teenagers of Port Charles will continue with their drama on set, navigating between school and work. William Lipton will be sticking around regardless of his recurring status.