General Hospital Spoilers: Can Laura Really Trust Kevin?

Can Laura trust Kevin Laura and Kevin GH

Can Laura trust Kevin?! …Laura Spencer (Genie Francis) spent the majority of her life chasing adventure. Even before having met Luke Spencer (Tony Geary), a then Laura Webber had stories of her own to tell. After decades of cyclonic events in life and love, things settled down for Laura.

General Hospital recaps recall when Laura became romantically involved with Kevin Collins. Finally, she found stability and balance between her love, life, family, and career. Of course, Laura’s life never became mundane as outside factors sweep in. Things were even keel for a while, then drama with Lulu, Nicolas and Spencer took over. Still, Kevin remains a comforting constant in her life.

Can Laura Trust Kevin?

According to GH spoilers, Laura’s life may mimic a cyclone once again. Not only is she in search of her son Nikolas, but GH rumors claim that Kevin can’t be trusted. There’s some thing about someone who’s overly supportive. Also, someone who is so agreeable, to the point of becoming suspicious. Unfortunately, that seems to be what Kevin looks like. Why is he so chill about everything? Did Laura really find stability and balance in Kevin or is her life about to enter into another cyclones?

General Hospital Spoilers: Who Does Laura Discover In Russia?

Who does Laura discover in Russia Laura and Kevin Nikolas Cassadine

Who does Laura discover in Russia? When it comes to a shocking discovery, Russia doesn’t disappoint. Nikolas Cassadine is missing and so far, the only one to take charge in is search is his mother Laura Spencer Collins (Genie Francis).

Recent General Hospital recaps recall Laura, Kevin (Jon Lindstrom), and Valentin’s failed attempt to find Nikolas. Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) even came back home to Port Charles, and reunited with Anna Devane (Finola Hughes). Meanwhile, General Hospital spoilers tease, as Valentin reconnects with Anna, Laura and Kevin plan the next leg of the search mission.

According to recent GH spoilers, Laura and Kevin’s mission becomes far from uneventful. Besides the obvious assumption, who does Laura discover in Russia other than Nikolas? That is, if she and Kevin even find Nikolas at all. Lately, GH rumors speculate that the time for Nikolas to return is near. Therefore, it’s more likely that he’ll be found held captive as his mom does anything in her power to come to his rescue.

Other than Nikolas, who else could be sharing space as prisoner? We know that Mason Gatlin (Nathanyael Grey) has his eyes on Nikolas. But who has their eyes on Mason?? Mason might seem in charge, but we all know he’s not the one calling the shots.