General Hospital Spoilers: GH Script Foreshadows Fate?! Laura Wright Opens Up About Carly Buying Kelly’s, Bobbie, and Jackie Zeman

Carly buys Kelly’s from Bobbie

Carly buys Kelly’s from Bobbie! Life came at Carly pretty hard the last few years. She lost her husband and her hotel to a lying fraud. On top of it all, she faced Federal charges for insider trading, and her boyfriend is doing time. Thanks Nina! ????????

It’s been rough but Carly knows how to get back on her feet. Undoubtedly, Carly Spencer (formerly Corinthos) pulls through her hardships and comes out on top. GH spoilers hint that Carly’s epic bounce-back starts with Kelly’s Diner.

Back in the 1980s, General Hospital introduced Port Charles hotspot, Kelly’s Diner. It was founded by Paddy and Rose Kelly, and by 1984, it was owned by Ruby Anderson. From then on, the Spencer family has carried on the business name.

Currently, the waterfront diner remains one of the most popular grub restaurants stops in Port Charles, and remains a family-owned business. According to General Hospital spoilers, Carly buys Kelly’s from Bobbie for a dollar! In a heartwarming scene, Carly told her daughter Josslyn Jacks (Eden McCoy) that she is now the proud new owner of Kelly’s!

GH Script Foreshadows Fate

According to General Hospital news, Laura Wright opened up about the her current storyline. Coincidentally, Bobbie’s involvement in Carly’s comeback happens to include a symbolic gesture giving Jackie Zeman’s passing. As GH rumors claimed that Carly and Bobbie’s transaction was written as nod after Jackie’s death, Laura Wright shuts down the rumors.

The iconic leading lady shed some light on Carly’s current storylines, and its relationship to Jackie Zeman’s unexpected death. Laura Wright tells Soap Opera Digest, “This whole beat was written before Jackie passed away. They have not had the character of Bobbie die and Carly doesn’t inherit Kelly’s from the character, which would have been a beautiful thing, but this was a choice made by the writer’s awhile ago.”

It’s comforting to think that the script foreshadows fate. It’s almost like they somehow knew that having a Carly buy Kelly’s from Bobbie would be of greater significance. Keep checking back for updates the developing stories.