General Hospital Spoilers: Will The Real Sonny Corinthos Please Stand Up? Only Carly Can Save Him From The Delusions In His Head

What happened to Sonny Corinthos Nina says yes Carly Corinthos

What happened to Sonny Corinthos? Is Sonny possessed? Has Sonny Corinthos taken leave of all his senses? Because what we witnessed yesterday was like watching Invasion of the Bodysnatchers (which I’ve never actually seen). Sadly, Sonny’s been a changed man since Nixon Falls. It’s almost like he now suffers from delusional thinking and doesn’t know who he truly is anymore. True, that fall from the bridge caused amnesia and really messed him up. But you know what (or who) else messed up Sonny? Nina.

General Hospital recaps recall how this began and unfolded in Nixon Falls between Sonny and Nina. Honestly, it’s really just plain and simple. Phyllis Caulfield saw a man in need and took Sonny in. She and her husband Lenny cared for Sonny as he tried to navigate his new life. Without any recollection of his own identity, he was unable to give any insight on who is he or where he’s from.

Then, Nina came along and further complicated things. Some Carly haters (and that’s ok, it’s just a show) deny that Nina is a wretched, selfish, manipulator, but her true colors are crystal clear. Anyone who can discovers a human being that is presumed dead, and doesn’t reach out to the family SHE SHARES with said man, must have too many rats in the attic. She took advantage of Sonny, disrespected him and his family by making them believe he was dead, manipulated him, and basically turned him against his own family in her sneaky way. It’s mind boggling how Sonny didn’t see Nina for the wacko that she is after he recovered from amnesia. Therefore, the best explanation suggests that the man can’t be playing with a full deck at this point.

According to General Hospital previews, Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) overhears Nina blurt out her relationship status. Disgusted by what she heard, Carly gave a death stare in Nina’s direction. Now, General Hospital spoilers reveal Sonny and Nina are in the peak of their puppy love. From here, things can only go downhill for these two.

How many times did we have to hear Sonny ask Nina to marry him? Furthermore, his sappy little speech about loving everything about her made no sense. The falsities in his dialogue truly made me wonder if I was watch if the same show all those months ago. Really? Nina just let Sonny be? No. She molded and manipulated him into who she wanted him to be. Now, he’s so far gone he’s talking nonsense about things that never happened. In fact, Nina is the opposite of who the delusions in Sonny’s head think she is.

General Hospital Spoilers: Sonny And Nina Get Engaged! Carly Exposes Nina And Ends Future Together

Sonny and Nina get engaged

Sonny and Nina get engaged!?! …Carly ends Sonny and Nina’s engagement! Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Carly Corinthos’s (Laura Wright) love was rare. It’s not that their life together was picture perfect. On the contrary, it’s the way they came back from those hardships. As a couple, Sonny and Carly understood one another better than they understood themselves. It was always them against the world, while their united front made them stronger than they were before whatever storm they faced. A love that doesn’t just die.

Carly Helps Sonny Dodge A Bullet

According to General Hospital rumors, Nina and Sonny continue to do this little dance as they pretend their individual lives fit one another’s. But the truth is, Nina doesn’t belong in Sonny’s world. She has no clue what it’s like to be married to the mob. And frankly, she doesn’t have what it takes. As they say, love is blind. Or as I see it, they bonded during their own major struggles. It was then that and found comfort in each other’s company. Between Sonny’s amnesia and Nina’s lies, they coasted along and landed where they are today, and you know the rest!

Despite the pushback they received, their relationship is hanging on. In fact, Sonny believes they’re not only hanging on as a couple, but thriving and ready for the next chapter. General Hospital spoilers and rumors tease that Sonny and Nina get engaged. They’re still in this foggy haze of love, unable to see their future clearly. Evidently, Nina doesn’t have what it takes to be with Sonny. She’s already sealed her fate but neither know it yet. But once Carly exposes Nina for leaving information to the SEC, her ex-husband and her worst enemy’s engagement comes to an end. Once he knows it was her who tattled on Carly and Drew Cain (Cameron Mathison), Sonny won’t see Nina in the same light.