General Hospital Spoilers: Chase Severs Ties With Brook Lynn, Everything They’ve Become Is Over Now

Chase fires Brook Lynn

Chase fires Brook Lynn! Chase and Brook Lynn’s professional and personal relationship was built up slowly over time. What started as a mutual aversion to one another turned into a reluctant yet evident reciprocated attraction. They came a long way as the initial spark turned into a flame. But now, Chase’s words are like a douter with a product review of 100% efficacy. He snuffs out their flame once and for all. Sadly, Chase is done with Brook Lynn and her games.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Brook Lynn Quartermaine (Amanda Setton) is still hung up on bringing down Linc Brown despite what happened between herself and Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard). She seems to have a one track mind consisting of self-serving goals and ambitions.

General Hospital previews indicate hope remains in Brook Lynn’s mind. Despite the hurt she’s caused, Brook Lynn overlooks the magnitude of the damage done. She believes there’s still a chance for her and Chase to work as a team in order to end Linc’s career. What she doesn’t see coming is that that hope is one sided. That’s what happens when someone lacks self awareness, as well as, empathy for what the other person (Chase) is suffering at because of something they (Brook Lynn) did. She knows she hurt him by never writing the letter to the PCPD. However, she thinks, no, expects, Chase to just be over it. Newsflash for Brook Lynn… actions have consequences. Chase isn’t going to keep going along with plans that she has for the music industry.

General Hospital previews and spoilers indicate Chase fires Brook Lynn. He cuts ties with his ex girlfriend and now ex-manager. There’s no doubt feelings are hurt on both sides. For now, Chase will do anything to not be tethered to Brook Lynn.

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