General Hospital News: Breaking! GH’s Chloe Lanier (Nelle) Speaks Out On Having Corona Virus

General Hospital News: General Hospital’s Nelle Benson is a fantastic love-to-hate character played by the incredibly talented Chloe Lanier. Lanier first landed her role on General Hospital playing a young Patricia Spencer back in 2015. The cast and crew of General Hospital were so impressed with her talent, they brought Chloe on to play the wildly crazy, impulsive, vengeful, Nelle Benson.

Amidst the confusion and chaos around the nation and globe today, Chloe Lanier has found herself right in the middle of the threat. Chloe explains on her Instagram post that she has come down with symptoms that re likely the Corona Virus, alrso referred to Covid-19. Lanier explains she was told that due to her age and otherwise good health, medical professionals would not test the young woman, and that she “probably” has corona virus and to self quarantine. Read her Insta story screen below.

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