Kelly Sullivan Leaving GH

General Hospital’s Kelly Sullivan (Connie Falconeri/Kate Howard) has been rumored to be leaving the show. As of right now, this is only a rumor. However, if you are a GH and Kelly Sullivan fan, and would like to see her continue her work as Connie Falconeri on General Hospital, please help support Kelly and her fans by commenting your positive thoughts below, requesting that she stay at GH. Also, if you have Twitter, tweet Frank Valentini @valentinifrank using the hashtag #KeepKelly.

Support from fans has been known to help and sway decisions of the executives. A couple years ago it had been known that Rebecca Herbst had been let go from General Hospital. But with the uproar of Becky’s fan base and support, fans were able to turn the decision around have Becky has remained a contract actor on GH ever since.

Please share this post on all GH related boards, forums, Facebook pages, etc. Let’s get the word out that we want to #KeepKelly!

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