Who is Connie Falconeri’s Son?

Now that we know the truth about Connie and her baby, as this story unfolds, I am sure Connie will reunite with her son in some way. So who is Connie’s son? I have heard two potential names thrown around. First, and in my opinion, the best outcome, is Spinelli. We already know that Spinelli was raised by his Grandmother, not his parents, so there is an opening right there. I would like her son to end up being a very relevant character not a newbie like the second name I read floating around. Some question whether Trey, the producer of Mob Princess is Connie’s son. I really hope this isn’t the case. I am not a fan of this character and he has no relevance or importance to GH. He has been on for about five minutes! Obviously, both of these potential people could be completely wrong. So, who would you want to see as Connie’s young adult son?