General Hospital Spoilers: Got Beef?! Cyrus and Austin Are Known Rivals- Who’s The Real Villain?!

Cyrus and Austin are known rivals

Cyrus and Austin are known rivals! If looks could kill, Cyrus Renault (Jeff Kober) must’ve intentionally stopped himself from finishing Dr. Austin Holt (Roger Howarth) where he stood. Because a look like that would send anyone running for their life. Instead, Austin stood there, peering back at Cyrus.

What in the Port Charles craziness is going on here? Apparently, Renault has an extensive reach outside of Pentonville. In fact, his affiliations go at least as far as General Hospital where Dr. Holt practices medicine. In a shocking revelation, GH rumors hint that Cyrus and Austin may have been previously acquainted.

First, their hospital room encounter left GH fans suspicious. Back at Cyrus’s GH hospital room, the way Cyrus wished blessings upon him (and his family) raised concerns. Then, GH recaps recall when Austin caught Cyrus’s eye on his way out of the hospital. That’s when Renault shot a venomous smile across the hospital hall as the elevator doors closed.

According to GH rumors, Cyrus and Austin are known rivals! They know exactly who the other is! Are either Austin or Cyrus who they say they are? While Cyrus claims to have found the Lord, Dr. Holt claims that he’s an ethical medical professional. It’s seems to be that neither of those things are true.

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