General Hospital Spoilers: Cyrus Forms An Army, Exactly Who Will Be Recruited?

Cyrus forms an army Cyrus takes down Pikeman

Cyrus forms an army (to defeat Pikeman?!) Pentonville prisoners are singing their praises as Cyrus’s preacher-like leadership captivates them. He went from a dangerous drug dealer and killer to a self proclaimed follower of God.

In Port Charles, Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) and Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) look over their shoulder as they both have enemies lurking in the shadows. Between the Cassadine and the Quartermaine families, scandal and betray runs rampant among the prominent Port Charles families. Each family has their own personal struggles and grievances.

For example, Tracy (Jane Elliot) and the rest of the Q’s scandals mainly surround ELQ. Whereas Curtis (Donnell Turner) and the rest of the Ashford’s are challenged by interpersonal family issues as well as threats from his line of work. As for the Corinthos family, they drawn in the most danger. Due to the nature of his business, Sonny attracts villains like a moth to a flame.

Cyrus Forms An Army- to defeat Pikeman?!

So much goes on individually among the families in town, but something seems different this time. For some reason everything seems connected. Tracy looks like she could be working with Cyrus for crying out loud. And don’t even get me started on Valentin. His connection to Pikeman opens up all sorts of possible, unexpected alliances and secret enemies.

That being said, regardless of how each family has their own crosses to bear, one factor seems to connect it all. Recent GH rumors tease that Cyrus is the connecting factor among all that’s gone wrong within these Port Charles families. Interestingly, although many believe that Cyrus is lying about his newfound faith, seemingly just as many believe he’s trying to help. What if Cyrus forms an army, but not to harm those who already fear him, but help them. Meanwhile, Cyrus leads his fellowship as Pentonville inmates hang on every last word. Who else will Cyrus recruit?