General Hospital Spoilers: Someone Is Singing Praises- Are Brook Lynn’s Linc Troubles Over?

Brook Lynn’s Linc troubles Dan Buran leaves GH

Are Brook Lynn’s Linc Troubles Over? Brook Lynn Quartermaine (Amanda Setton) broke into the music career to quickly find out some dirty truths. Her career took a hit when problems with her music producer, Linc Brown (Dan Buran) got the better of her.

Over the last few years, BLQ’s been uber focused on her music career. Unfortunately, the energy and focus she’s put in isn’t going to voice lessons and choreography. Instead, she spends all her time maneuvering around the backstage politics of the music industry. Linc makes a habit of abusing his power. He uses his position to back artists into a corner. When it comes to sexual advances, he makes it clear they need to give the green light, or it’s lights out for their sparkling new lifestyle. From big name to no name, Linc threatens the women who reject his advances. And the kicker is, he’s getting away with it.

In addition to BLQ, rising artist, Blaze, has attested to Linc’s inappropriate behavior and how he threatened her career. General Hospital recaps recall Brook Lynn and Harrison Chase’s (Josh Swickard) efforts to help artists reclaim their careers and put an ends to Linc for good. But the thought of losing her song catalog to that skeeze ball ended up becoming her weakness. She gave in and signed the Non Disclosure Agreement to keep Linc’s sexual harassment on the down low. Essentially, Brook Lynn’s selfish choice drove Chase further away. Now, enough is enough. She publicly outed Linc and he was arrested.

According to General Hospital comings and goings news, reports confirm Dan Buran exits General Hospital. Finally, Brook Lynn’s Linc troubles are over. Her public display of selflessness could lead to Chase reconsidering their relationship.