Dante and Lulu are Having a Baby!







Images by Tumblr user: Alexandra-Sloan

Lulu is pregnant! I am a big Lante fan, they are such a cute couple! I can relate a lot to Date because he is Italian. The way he treats Lulu is so familiar. It’s really adorable how they act together. He is the protective old fashion husband and she is not used to being treated the way he treats her- good and not so good. I don’t wanna say bad, because it’s really not. It’s just not what she is used to. I like their differences and the conflicts and obstacles that arise because of them. I was so happy that he was happy to be a Father. I completely felt her hesitation, yet she let us know that she was truly happy deep down. Pregnancy is a REAL and scary thing, especially if it came out of nowhere. It was so exciting to see her tell him this soon and it not be carried on for weeks/months or having him think it was Maxie who was pregnant for more than those 5 minutes. I am excited to see this pregnancy and how Olivia’s prediction ties into her new condition due to the LSD. I have a feeling this is all about to get very interesting… 🙂