Lulu and Dante Headed for Trouble: Will He Sleep With Valerie?

Lulu insisted that Valerie end her stay in the one room loft that Dante and Lulu share with their child, Rocco. In such a small space, four is definitely a crowd, not to mention, Valerie tried to kill Lulu’s father, Luke Spencer. Although Valerie is remorseful for her actions towards Luke due to grief over her mother, Lulu understands but it still doesn’t sit well.

Now that Valerie is staying at Wyndemere with Nikolas, General Hospital spoilers have revealed that her stay will be short lived. This week on GH, Valerie will apply for a job at the PCPD, thus bringing her closer to Dante than Lulu will be able to stomach. Following this GH spoilers, GH rumors have speculated that Valerie will make her way into Dante’s head… and bed.

Dante and Lulu have been such a strong couple in PC for so long. Will Lulu’s cousin break their bond? Watch GH this week to see Valerie make her way closer to Dante.