General Hospital Spoilers: Chase Digs Deeper Into Sonny’s Case- Feds Come On Stronger Than Ever Before

Chase and Dante investigate Sonny
Chase and Dante investigate Sonny

Nina Reeves only thinks she can handle Sonny’s life because she’s never really been out through it. Unlike Carly, Nina’s recent scare was just that. A scare. In fact, it wasn’t even real because Sonny set up the Feds.

Mac receives evidence against Sonny

As golden as his plan was, the PCPD found holes in the story. Things just don’t add up in terms of the Feds and the bogus charges. According to GH spoilers, Detective Chase (Josh Swickard) is on the case. After his and Dante Falconeri’s (Dominic Zamprogna) conversation, they realized that there’s more to the story.

Chase and Dante Investigate Sonny

General Hospital spoilers indicate that Chase heads up this side investigation. Sonny’s son Dante agrees that something’s off, but will he agree to keep digging? Obviously, Dante supports his father and that was made crystal clear throughout these last couple of episodes. So how will he handle it if he and Chase stumble upon some incriminating evidence?

If Chase and Dante go poking around and find something, what will they do? Will Dante withhold evidence against his father? Cop or not, his loyalties lie in his father, not the PCPD. Do you think Sonny Corinthos is untouchable?