General Hospital Spoilers: When It Comes To Dante’s Doctor, Someone Else Is Pulling The Strings

Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna) is locked up in a WSB facility receiving treatment for his PTSD.

General Hospital spoilers have revealed Dante’s Doctor (Christopher Cousins), is the one who rescinded Dante’s green light to go home and work on the mission the WSB has assigned him.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Dante’s Doctor was discussing the situation with someone who seemed to be an authority figure. Someone who desperately wants Dante to go home.

General Hospital rumors hint Dante’s life is in danger. Although his doctor doesn’t want to, he is being instructed to do something that “has to be done.” General Hospital rumors suggest Dante is being sent home prematurely, by the order of this “higher up.”

Several General Hospital rumors have been circulating as possible predictions for who is pulling the strings. For now, we’ll just let time roll by and get a little closer to figuring it out!

General Hospital Poll: Is Dante’s Doctor Acting In His Best Interest?

Dante Falconeri’s (Dominic Zamprogna) Doctor is beginning to show his true colors. General Hospital spoilers have revealed Dante’s doc is the one keeping Dante from going home. He gave some lame reason about Dante not being ready emotionally. It’s stating to look like that’s just an excuse.

General Hospital rumors claim Dante’s doctor made a phone call to a big time Port Charles villain. His cryptic conversation with a mystery person leads GH fans to believe this guy doesn’t have Dante’s best interest.

Is Dante’s doctor really working for the enemy?

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