General Hospital News And Spoilers: GH’s David Lautman (Slimy Reporter, Smoltz) Credits Nancy Lee Grahn, “He could be like, my quirky sidekick!”

David Lautman debuted as the newest, slimy gossip columnist, Smoltz, back in February. He was set to write a piece on Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) and how she destroyed the marriage between Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright).

General Hospital recaps recall Smoltz walking into the office of Alexis Davis at, The Invader, presenting the idea to the woman running the show. Alexis rejected his story due to the nature of the topic and how it would effect certain people in Port Charles.

General Hospital news reports reveal that Lautman credits Nancy for his recurring role on the ABC soap opera, after she spoke out, expressing her likeness toward the actor and the role he portrayed.

Lautman complimented Grahn in a recent interview with Soap Opera Digest. The newcomer admits, “First off, she is an extraordinarily talented actress who has a great habit of making her scene partners look like rock stars, which clearly has been substantiated by her multiple Emmy Award wins.”

David Lautman went on to disclose that when he first came to the set of General Hospital, Nancy was a fan from the start. He revealed Nancy’s statement regarding her thoughts on his work. Lautman disclosed that Nancy confessed her liking to Lautman in front of the cast and crew, revealing, “I love this guy, we gotta bring him back! He could be like, my quirky sidekick.’ I jokingly volleyed back, saying, ‘That sounds good to me, I’m down for anything. I can do light dusting around the office, organize files, whatever you need, Alexis!’”

General Hospital news confirms Lautman was called back for more scenes, though his scenes alongside Alexis have remained few. He went on to speak highly of his onscreen chemistry with the Emmy winner, revealing, “I think right from the get-go we had great chemistry together and the scenes seemed to click,” he reflected. “Part of that could be attributed to the fact that Nancy is really great at making sure we find the time to speed-read our scenes together a bunch of times before shooting so we really get the rhythm, words, and blocking of the scenes in our bones.”

General Hospital rumors suggest that Smoltz’s work isn’t done, as there will be much more to report in while the woolen of Port Charles live through their daily dramas.

General Hospital News And Spoilers: Sofia Mattsson Spills The Tea On Sasha’s Windshield Smash Scene

Sasha Gilmore (Sofia Mattsson) has hit rock bottom. Her husband, Brando Corbin (Johnny Wactor) has made an astute observation, noticing the vacancy in Sasha’s eyes.

No one expected Sasha to lose her mind the way she did when she found out that the slimy reporter, Smoltz (David Lautman), and Sasha’s so-called friend, Sienna (Cynthia Zitter), we’re setting her up for admission of drug use. General Hospital recaps recall Smotlz has been trying to catch Sasha in an incriminating situation so that he picks exploit her grief and mental state.

General Hospital spoilers reveal actress Sofia Mattsson has taken to Instagram to spill the tea on Sasha Gilmore’s latest on- screen breakdown. General Hospital news and spoilers reveal Sasha’s outburst in the parking garage took a lot of planning. In her IG post, Sofia shared that she was told that she wouldn’t be able to actually break through the glass of the windshield, and they would need to fake it broken in between takes. Mattson goes on to credit her Viking ancestry for her Stella abilities and under strength.

Sofia’s IG captions reads: “Always fun at work ???? Who saw me smash a windshield this week?! During rehearsal they told me there’s no way I’d be able to break through the glass and that we’d have to fake it broken in between takes… Well, I guess they forgot I have Viking ancestry in me ????”

Sasha is facing some of the toughest days ahead. The support she has from Brando will help her through, but only if she helps herself. Will Sasha be able to snap out of it and get the proper care she needs in order to heal?

General Hospital Spoilers: Gladys Begs Sasha To Come Clean

The walls are closing in on Sasha Gilmore (Sofia Mattsson) as it’s getting harder and harder to keep her secret from Brando Corbin (Johnny Wactor) and the rest of her loved ones. Gladys Corbin (Bonnie Burroughs) came to her rescue when she swiped the memory card, but that was before she knew about the nature of the incriminating pics.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Sasha is in the hot seat now that Gladys had a conversation with Smoltz (David Lautman). She made the deal with the slimy reporter and was able to get the photos deleted, but not before she saw exactly what was happening in them.

General Hospital previews and spoilers indicate that Gladys begs Sasha to come clean while she continues to try to conceal her habit. Gladys calls her out and she is put on the spot to come clean. Sasha doesn’t want Brando to know that she had fallen back into using drugs as a coping mechanism for her grief and stress.

General Hospital rumors hint that Gladys will hold the power in her hands on what comes next for Sasha. Will she keep her secret or will Gladys tell her son Brando what’s going on so that Sasha can get the help she needs?