General Hospital Spoilers: Steve Burton Confirms He’s Left The Door Open To Return As Jason Morgan

American actor and fitness mogul, Steve Burton, has become a household name over the course of his career. With an impressive 3 decades under his belt at ABC’s General Hospital, the names Steve Burton and Jason Morgan mean so much to so many.

His sudden departure from the longest running daytime drama has left fans shocked and uncertain about the future of his role as the iconic mob enforcer, Jason Morgan.

General Hospital news confirmed that Steve was let go from the Disney owned soap opera after declining fro comply with their vaccine mandate. Since November of 2021, his role as Jason has come to an end. But GH fans question whether there is a chance at reviving the role with Steve, or if there will be a recast.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Burton has disclosed to information in an interview with Daytime Confidential. GH fans wonder if any bridges have been burned between Burton and TPTB. His response to fan’s inquiries is hopeful. He explains, “You never want to leave your home,” Burton said. “Especially when it becomes kind of unexpected. They had to do what they had to do, I had to do what I had to do.  There’s no hard feelings…”

General Hospital comings and goings rumors have hinted at a possible recast for the legendary role, which Burton fans don’t seem to be too excited about that. After playing Jason for 30 years, it’s difficult to imagine anyone else in that role. As was tried some years back with Billy Miller as Burton’s replacement, due to much resistance from Steve/Jason fans. the storyline was then written so that Miller’s role was not in fact Jason, but his brother, Drew Cain.

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General Hospital Blog will keep fans up to date on any new developments regarding Steve Burton’s status with General Hospital. Burton is currently filming for his role in, Days Of Our Lives: Beyond Salem. He is set to film 5 episodes thus far. GH fans hold onto hope that Steve will someday return as Jason Morgan. Thankfully with his recent statement, things are looking up for a potential return.

Daytime Confidential Names Top 10 Male Soap Actors of 2015

TrueGangstasTwo of General Hospital’s leading men were among the TOP 10 male soap actors for 2015.

Congratulations to Maurice Benard and Jeffrey Vincent Parise for their stellar performances throughout 2015!

GH would never be the same without Sonny Corinthos, and we all know how fans felt what Carlos “died.” Thankfully, Carlos is alive and well and we just have to wait and see what more is in store.

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Kimberly McCullough’s (Robin) Exit Will Leave Fans Disappointed

General Hospital’s Kimberly McCullough, (Robin Scorpio Drake) has announced she will be exiting the show again after a short time back on the canvas. Robin has been on and off screen for 2 years since her supposed “death by explosion.” This Fall, Robin was found and reunited with her parents and loved ones. She and husband Patrick have reconnected despite his almost marriage to Sabrina. Emma got her Mother back, and soon, Robin will be gone… again.

In an interview, McCullough describes her departure as, “it’s not goodbye, just see you later.” She hopes to always be a part of General Hospital and mentions that it all depends on how much Frank Valentini liked working with her.

Scrubs fans will not be getting the happy ending they were so hoping for. Other than the fact that Jason Thompson (Patrick) is staying put, (THANK GOD), there will not be a happily every after for Dr. Patrick Drake, Dr. Robin Scorpio Drake, and their daughter Emma. When responding to the question of whether or not Scrubs fans will get closure, McCullough states, “I don’t even know if I can comment on that. They’re going to be pissed. Really. They’re going to be pissed. I’m sorry.”

This doesn’t look good for the devote Drake Family fans.

All in all we wish Kimberly McCullough the best of luck in all her endeavors and always want to keep the door open for a Robin Scorpio return.


Photo from Soap Opera Digest