General Hospital Spoilers: Next Week: Mob Drama Heats Up- It’s Life And Death For Sonny And Dex

Sonny saves Dex Dex gets shot when Pikeman deal goes sideways

Sonny saves Dex! It isn’t even Spring yet but things are heating up in Port Charles. As Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) and Dex Heller (Evan Hofer) strategically plot Sonny Corinthos’ (Maurice Benard) downfall, Sonny trusts Dex to have his back. At this point, it’s unclear where Dex’s loyalties lie. On the contrary, where Sonny stands is quite evident.

It’s simple. Sonny lives by certain principles. For example, the iconic family man mobster shows loyalty to those loyal to him. Although Sonny had his doubts, Dex has proven himself in Sonny’s eyes. But, little does he know, Sonny is being played. Or, is he?

As rumored by General Hospital fans, Dex’s intentions are not as they seem. Michael Corinthos’ (Chad Duell) mission to take down his own father brought Dex to Port Charles. But, was it coincidental? Or does Michael’s hired help have an agenda of his own?

According to General Hospital spoilers, none of that matters in relation to the danger that lies ahead. Regardless of why Dex accepted Michael’s job offer, Sonny and Michael don’t know what they don’t know. Both father and son believe Dex is on their side. Therefore, in a crisis, it’s safe to say protection is offered from both sides.

Sonny Saves Dex In Sideways Pikeman Deal

In recent General Hospital previews and spoilers, It turns out Josslyn’s fears are justified. GH spoilers reveal Dex is hit when a mob war between Sonny and the Pikeman Security Group ignites. As a result, Sonny must take action to save his life. A shocking photo shows Sonny carrying his bloodied employee to safety as Dex needs immediate medical attention.

GH rumors claim that Dex will feel indebted to Sonny. Therefore, his promise to Josslyn is broken. I mean, wouldn’t you feel like you owed someone after having saved your life? But, is it enough for Michael to back down and let his father be?