General Hospital News And Spoilers: Dex Has Some Serious Roots In Port Charles. From Short Stint To Contract, GH Star Evan Hofer Confirms Contract Role, Reveals Inside Details!

Evan Hofer signs GH contract

Dex stays in Port Charles. Evan Hofer signs GH contract as Dex Heller?! …Dex Heller (Evan Hofer) is here for the long haul. At first, Dex’s purpose in Port Charles was solely to work for Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell). He was hired to work as an informant in Sonny Corinthos’s (Maurice Benard) business. Then, things got complicated along the way. Attachments to new friends make for some gray area, while an emotional bond to Sonny turns the tables.

For months, General Hospital fans wonder if Dex has another reason for coming to/staying in Port Charles. Obviously, Josslyn Jacks (Eden McCoy) gives Dex a good enough reason to stay. But, General Hospital rumors and spoilers suggest that she isn’t the only thing keeping him in PC.

It looks like Dex has good reason to stay in Port Charles. In recent General Hospital news, Dex’s portrayer, Evan Hofer, shared some exciting GH casting details. According to Evan, his role as Dex was meant to be a short-term character. Instead, the told of Dex Heller turned into a contract role! General Hospital comings and goings reports confirm that Evan Hofer signed a GH contract as Dex Heller.

Evan Hofer Signs Contract

In a recent interview, Hofer discloses how his role went from a short term thing to a more permanent role. He explained that he was about to film his very first scenes alongside ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith. Even continued to explain that GH Executive Producer, Frank Valentini, pulled him aside. “But I’m getting ready for my first scenes with him and we’re about to roll and Frank pulls me aside and tells me, “Hey, you know, you’ve shown us some great layers and great stuff we could never imagine. How do you feel about sticking around a little more permanently?’” he went on. “And I was speechless and went, ‘Yes… sounds good… yes… yes sir… yes sir.’ And he goes, ‘Cool. I’m gonna call your agent.’”

Evan’s enthusiasm may have been camouflaged by his demanding schedule. As soon as Frank told him the news, he has to run into his next scene. However, he couldn’t have been more excited. The decision was a no brained. Hofer confesses, “I think I thought about it for point-five seconds.” His mother was immediately called to share the news. Meanwhile, Hofer’s manager become aware as well.

General Hospital’s latest mob muscle is rumored to have (or had) some serious roots in Port Charles. Are the latest GH rumors true? Is Jason Morgan Dex’s father?