General Hospital Spoilers: Willow Gets A Surprise Visit, Will Harmony Reveal The Truth About The Heart Pendant?

As she sits in the courtroom at her son’s custody hearing, Nelle Benson (Chloe Lanier) is clutching a heart shaped pendant she recently found. Nina Reeves miraculously has the other half, leading some to believe that Nelle must be Nina’s daughter. However, General Hospital spoilers show that things aren’t always as they seem.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Harmony Miller (Inga Cadranel) has been involved in some shady dealings. Nina’s mother, Madeline Reeves (Donna Mills), was involved in the disappearance of her own grandchild. Nina was drugged and her baby was stolen all by the word of her own mother. General Hospital rumors claim Harmony is Willow’s adoptive mother, adopting Willow from Madeline and handling the shady business deal with Frank Benson (Nelle’s father).

Willow already disclosed to Nina that her mother travels lightly. So the suspicions around the necklace take into consideration that Harmony travels lightly and likely left the necklace behind at Frank Benson’s place, where Nelle could have gotten the necklace and kept it as her own.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Willow gets a surprise visitor next week. GH rumors hint that the visitor could be Harmony. It’s possible that Harmony notices the pendant and outwardly talks about how she has seen that necklace before. This could jog some memories for all involved and come to the realization that the necklace didn’t originally belong to Nelle…

Will Harmony spill the beans consciously or inadvertently?

General Hospital Spoilers: Nina Learns Nelle Has The Half Heart Pendant And Feels Compelled To Testify

Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) has been in a long, ongoing search for her long lost biological daughter. Nina has a feeling her daughter is out there somewhere, but after being let down and trusting the wrong people so many times, parts of Nina wants to give up while part can’t let it go. Nina was recently shown holding onto a half heart shaped pendant.

Previously, General Hospital spoilers revealed that the other half of the necklaces was in the possession of none other than Nelle Benson (Chloe Lanier). Although Nelle has the necklace in her possession, things aren’t exactly as they seem.

General Hospital rumors claim the necklace actually belongs to Willow Tait (Katelyn MacMullen) and got lost in the shuffle and left behind. It’s been noted that Willow’s mom, Harmony Miller (Inga Cadranel) travels light. Frank Benson has been rumored to have helped Madeline Reeves (Donna Mills) with the adoption, giving Nina’s baby (presumed to be Willow), to Harmony. If Frank Benson took the necklace from Harmony, that could by how Nelle has it today.

General Hospital spoilers claim Nina will learn that is Nelle clutching the pendant and immediately get flooded with emotions. She’ll think she feels a connection with Nelle, believing she is her daughter since she has the other half.

At this point it’s uncertain whether nelle is actually Nina’s daughter, if she and Willow are twins, or if Willow is Nina’s daughter. General Hospital rumors are all over the place and no GH spoilers have been leaked to confirm any info.

General Hospital Spoilers: Young Nelle Wears The Other Half Of The Pendant, Things Aren’t As They Seem

As the mystery of Nina Reeves’ (Cynthia Watros) long lost daughter deepens, we are opened up to more and more clues leading up to the big reveal. Previous General Hospital spoilers indicated the two young women who are up and running for the spot of Nina’s biological daughter, are Nelle Benson (Chloe Lanier) and Willow Tait (Katelyn MacMullen).

General Hospital rumors have speculated that both these women could turn out to be Nina’s daughter, individually, as well as twins. However, in a recent General Hospital poll, the majority of General Hospital fans voted to see Willow as Nina’s daughter.

In this week’s special episode, Eden McCoy who plays Josslyn Jacks has taken on the role of young Carly (Laura Wright), along with actress Willa Rose, playing the role of young Nelle Benson (Chloe Lanier). In these coming episodes, the other half of Nina’s heart shaped pendant is seen around young Nelle’s neck. However, General Hospital spoilers reveal there is much more than meets the eye.

General Hospital rumors claim that shady Frank Benson helped Madeline Reeves (Donna Mills) sell Nina’s baby (Willow Tait) to Harmony Miller (Inga Cadranel). General Hospital rumors also claim that the reason young Nelle is seen with the necklace goes back to when Willow told Nina that her mom, Harmony, travels light. Nelle could have been gifted the necklace, or the necklace was simply left behind out of convenience.

General Hospital spoilers have already revealed Willow’s obvious reaction to seeing Nina twirl that pendant. However, the pieces are starting to come together as to why. Willow could have very well seen that necklace in Nelle’s possession, not knowing that it actually belongs to her, not Nelle. Perhaps Willow was startled, and didn’t want to tell Nina that Nelle could possible be her daughter since she possesses the other half.

It’s true young Nelle is wearing the other half of Nina’s pendant, but, there could be more to the story. This is most likely not a cut and dry story, and GH rumors hint that Nina will think Nelle is her daughter, to later uncover it has been Willow all along.

General Hospital Spoilers: Nina and Valentin’s Wild Wedding, DNA Results Are In, Nikolas Exposed At Wedding

Nina has been to Hell and back between betrayals from her own Mother, Madeline Reeves (Donna Mills), her love Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart), and the young women, Sasha Gilmore (Sofia Mattsson) who led Nina to believe she was her daughter.

Nina has had enough and she continues with her plan to trick Valentin into thinking they will get married. Although she does love him and is having difficulty with the whole situation, second guessing her decision to expose and end things for good with Valentin, Nina will most likely not actually marry Valentin. Nina has a little something up her sleeve to prove Valentin was lying the entire time about Sasha. She is running another DNA test to prove Valentin used Madeline’s hair strands as a sample to achieve the falsified Mother-Daughter DNA results. General Hospital spoilers reveal Nina will get confirmation on what she already knows about Valentin.

The chaos at the wedding will not be limited to Nina and Valentin’s situation. As Nina goes back and forth with her feelings, Jax (Ingo Rademacher) hopes Nina will not stoop to this level and make a public scene, a sudden distraction faces the crowd. General Hospital spoilers reveal Nikolas Cassadine (Marcus Coloma) will be exposed in front of the majority of Port Charles, at Nina and Valentin’s wedding.

General Hospital Spoilers: Nina and Kiki Grow Closer

NinaKikimotherWhen Nina Clay first came to Port Charles she was there for one thing and one thing only, REVENGE. Her outlook on Kiki Jerome was a pretty grim one. Nina had it out for Kiki simply because she was the product of her husband Silas’ affair with Ava Jerome. Nina wanted so badly to be a mother to Silas’ child, but that was all taken away from her by her evil mother, Madeline Reeves.

As Franco and Nina make their way into Silas’ old apartment, Kiki is dealing with the aftermath of losing her father, and finding out her mom, Ava Jerome, and he boyfriend Morgan Corinthos had betrayed her. Franco has a soft place in his heart for Kiki. When she first came to Port Charles, Ava had told him that she was his daughter. Franco ended up growing loving feelings toward Kiki and now he feels the need to care for her and protect her as if she were his own.

It seems like Kiki has lost a lot in her life the past few months. She no longer has her boyfriend due to the fact her cheated on her with her mom, she doesn’t have a relationship with her mom, Ava, because of this, and her father was senselessly murdered by Madeline Reeves.


But what if…? What if Kiki is able to gain a family after losing hers? Sure, we know that Silas is her father and Franco isn’t, but what if Franco became a father figure to Kiki? We have been lead to believe that Silas cheated on Nina with Ava and Ava got pregnant. As the story was told, Ava got pregnant with Silas’ baby (Kiki) and Nina was in a coma for 20 years, all because her mom Madeline wanted to get Silas away from Nina. General Hospital rumors have claimed very early on that there is something wrong with this scenario. Fans believe that Madeline and Ava teamed up in order to get Silas away from Nina. GH rumors suggest that Madeline had Ava take Nina’s baby and claim it was her own. That in fact, Ava had never gotten pregnant by Silas. Could it be? Madeline has done some evil things to her own daughter Nina. Would she tell her that she lost her baby all while she was living with Ava Jerome this entire time? We think yes! Nina Clay could very well be Kiki’s biological mother. What do you think?

Today on General Hospital, Maxie meets Madeline…

Donna MillsIt’s been a long time coming, but today on GH, Maxie meets Nathan’s Mom. Well, aunt, but as Liesl Obrecht is actually his mother, Madeline raised him.
General Hospital spoilers reveal that today’s scenes are must-see.
Kirsten Storms (Maxie Jones) warns fans via Twitter, “you don’t wanna miss it.”
What will these two feisty ladies think of one another? They do have one thing in common, their love for Nathan, but will that be enough for these two to get along?
Watch what happens between Maxie and Madeline on today’s General Hospital.

General Hospital Spoilers: Madeline Makes Her Move On Ric

RicMadelineIn the upcoming General Hospital Promo, General Hospital spoilers are revealed in this video clip. Here you will see Nina’s (Michelle Stafford) mother, Madeline Reeves (Donna Mills) back in Port Charles. She is working with Ric Lansing (Rick Hearst) in a scheme for Nina’s money, but that isn’t the only thing she is doing with Ric. Apparently Madeline can’t stop getting in between Nina and her men… this time around Madeline tries to seduce Nina’s new husband.

Check out General Hospital’s latest promo for GH spoilers and previews!

General Hospital BIG Reveal! Will Nina Learn She Has a Daughter?

Ever since Nina woke up from her coma and landed in Port Charles she has been out for revenge. Revenge against her husband, Silas Clay for cheating on her, revenge against Ava Jerome for being Silas’s mistress and for having his baby, Kiki. She has had it out for many others including Sam Morgan because she was involved with Silas romantically. Her mother just may have been number 1 on her list, even before Silas. Her mother, Madeline Reeves is responsible for putting Nina in a coma while she was pregnant. Madeline wanted Nina and Silas apart and she wanted to get her hands on Nina’s money.

It looks as though Ava and Silas didn’t meet by accident. Madeline had a lit to so with the situation between Silas and Ava, as she put Ava in Silas’ path so that his relationship with her daughter Nina would fall apart. General Hospital rumors have been circulating from the very beginning that the baby Nina supposedly lost will turn out to be alive and in Port Charles. BIG General Hospital rumors claim that it will finally all go down between Nina, Madeline, Ava, and Silas, and Kiki.

Ava is the only mother Kiki Jerome has ever known. Her whole life she has believed that Ava was her mother and that her father was dead. She recently found out that she was the daughter of the sociopathic artist. Franco, but even that turned out to be a lie. Kiki now knows that Silas Clay is her real father… but what she may find out will shock Port Charles.

Kiki’s upbringing was full of lies and deceit from her mother and there just may be another huge BOMBSHELL. Word out in social media is that Nina will get the shock of her life when she learns that her mother Madeline and Ava Jerome conspired to take Nina’s baby (Kiki) and pass her off as her own.

What do you think? Will Kiki end up being the daughter of Silas and Nina? We think so!

General Hospital Spoilers: Emmy Winner Returns to General Hospital

May Sweeps is full of dramatic story lines including, romance, break ups, revelations, death, and character returns. General Hospital took home 6 Emmy awards at the 2015 Daytime Emmys, including but not limited to, Best Lead Actress in a Drama Series, Best Lead Actor in a Drama Series, Best Guest Star in a Drama Series, Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series, and more!

Daytime Diva Donna Mills won the Emmy for Best Guest Star and in an interview with ABC’s ‘The View’ Mills revealed that her character, Madeline Reeves, will return to General Hospital for May Sweeps.

We look forward to seeing this devious character back in Port Charles in the upcoming month of May.

Congratulations again to the cast and crew of General Hospital!