Dr. Ewen Keenan Has Robin!

We got to see A LOT of Robin today, and we found out a lot more than we had expected this early in the game. Heather seems to know quite a bit about what is going on and we now know she isn’t bluffing. We have all tossed around the idea of Heather being involved, and there have been speculations of Dr. Ewen Keenan possibly being a Cassadine, and/or having something to do with Robin’s disappearance. Well today’s episode of GH has revealed that Dr. Keenan is in fact behind Robin’s kidnapping. But why? Who is he? Are the rumors of him being Jerry Jacks true? I am very excited that Nathin Butler gets to be part of such a huge story! There is so much to sort through, it’s hard to wrap our heads around it all! That’s what makes this show so exciting. The story is¬†unpredictable, fast paced, and full of all the characters we love! Please leave a comment below and let us know your take on this. Why Dr. Keenan? Is Heather telling Anna the whole truth? Share your thoughts with General Hospital Blog!