General Hospital Spoilers: Ian Buchanan Addresses Fans, Drops Duke Lavery Hint In New Video Message

The Official General Hospital Fan Club Instagram page has received a message from General Hospital star, Ian Buchanan. Buchanan played the legendary Duke Lavery, Anna Devane‘s fiery romantic flame.

Anna’s love died from a gunshot would ordered our by the late Julian Jerome (William deVry) back in May of 2015. He has since returned to the canvas playing his ghost.

General Hospital news reports that actor Ian Buchanan has sent a video message to the Official GH fan club, wishing fans a Happy Spring. Buchanan mentions he is eager to get back to events where he can be with the fans.

General Hospital news reveal, he also addresses how he enjoys checking in on the show and being there [General Hospital] every now and again, alluding to a potential future return to the daytime drama.


General Hospital News: Breaking! Inside Maurice Benard’s Secret Project, The Stellar Cast, And Lots Of Laughs

Maurice Benard is a busy man. Between juggling his legendary role as Sonny Corinthos on General Hospital, advocating for mental health awareness with State of Mind, his family, and other side projects, Benard is a multifaceted talent and gives back to the community with his work and care for mental health.

Maurice has made life long friendships throughout his journey on the set of General Hospital, which includes but is obviously not limited to, co-stars Steve Burton (Jason Morgan) and Réal Andrews (Marcus Taggert), Chad Duell (Michael Corinthos), Bryan Craig (Morgan Corinthos), Laura Wright (Carly Corinthos), former co-star Vanessa Marcil (Brenda Barrett), Ian Buchanan (Duke Lavery) and more.

General Hospital news released information regarding a secret project in which Maurice is working with Réal Andrews, Ian Buchanan, and more to make up this stellar cast.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Benard’s secret project is currently underway with Benard as Director. Andrews and Buchanan work alongside each other in scenes Andrews described as, “playing detectives and we were all laughing our hearts out.” Andrews revealed that he is not at liberty to say much about this project, other than it is Maurice’s personal, secret, project, in which he is directing himself. Andrews goes on via Instagram to describe how it is being directed by Maurice. In an Instagram post, Andrews says, “All Maurice cares about is that the scenes are real and truthful,” he contributed in saying, “and I have never had so much fun…????, and describes the film as, “very Tarentinoesq.”


General Hospital Spoilers: SURPRISE! Ian Buchanan Announces Upcoming GH Appearance

General Hospitals Duke Lavery (Ian Buchanan) died in the arms of his great love, Anna Devane (Finola Hughes).

Duke’s tragic death took place in 2015, but Ian Buchanan was seen again on GH as he appeared as a ghost. General Hospital news and spoilers reveal Ian Buchanan hinted to fans that Duke will be making a surprise appearance on today’s episode of General Hospital.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Duke will make a ghost appearance. GH rumors tease Duke has some words for Anna as she prepares to marry Finn (Michael Easton). Will he give words of encouragement, or possibly warn Anna about Peter August (Wes Ramsey)?

Take a look at the video in the tweet below.

General Hospital News: GH’s Finola Hughes Hints At New Series With GH Co-Stars

General Hospital vet, Finola Hughes, who plays Anna Devane, has made an announcement regarding a new project.

General Hospital news reveals Finola Hughes has launched a new series with some of her General Hospital co-stars. As featured on Finola’s Instagram post, those co-stars include, Marc Anthony Samuel (Felix DuBois), Brooklyn Silzer (Emma Drake), Ian Buchanan (Duke slavery), among with Hughes herself.

Finola has revealed a short trailer for the very first episode of the new IGTB series, EnterExit. Take a look at the trailer below.


General Hospital News: GH’s Ian Buchanan Announces Upcoming Event

Duke Lavery (Ian Buchanan) and Anna Devane (Finolas Hughes) were a dynamic duo as lovers, friends, as well as partners in adventure throughout the years until the unthinkable, when Duke is killed, leaving Anna angry and vengeful.

Although Buchanan hasn’t been on GH since 2015, the actor announced via Instagram, that there will be an upcoming Zoom event which seems to include long time co-star and friend, Finola Hughes. In the post below, Buchanan reveals the event will happen via Zoom, but more details are to come…


General Hospital Spoilers: Griffin IS DUKE’s Son!

GriffinDukeGeneral Hospital spoilers have revealed and confirmed Dr. Griffin Munro’s secret. He is DUKE LAVERY’s SON! But… is he Anna’s?
Duke and Anna met at a Policeman’s Ball and soon after fell in love. The two were even expecting a child together until the Port Charles mob stepped in. A Jerome, which name we hear a lot about recently in Port Charles, wanted Duke to herself. Her name was Olivia. When she realized she had lost Duke to Anna, she planned on killing him in an elevator set up for danger. Instead, Anna got into the elevator, was injured, and lost the baby she was carrying.
It seems as though it would be too far fetched for Anna to be Griffin’s mother, given she lost the baby she and Duke had made. However, this is soap-land, and stranger things have happened.
ABC Soaps In Depth has confirmed Griffin’s identity as Duke’s son. What he wants with Anna and Port Charles remains to be seen…

GH Spoilers: Dr. Griffin Munro Anna’s Son?

GriffinAnnaDukeThere’s a new doc in town, and he may not be as random and unrelated to Port Charles as fans originally thought.

Last week, GH spoilers developed and revealed that Anna believed she had recognized Dr. Griffin Munro, as if they have met before. When confronted with Anna’s question of memory, Griffin quickly denied any knowledge of meeting Anna in the past. Perhaps he wasn’t lying, and they really haven’t met. Still, Anna feels that she has met this man before. But, why?

On today’s General Hospital, Dr, Munro showed up at Anna’s door. To her surprise, she opened the door to find him standing there and asked what he was doing at her home. Griffin disclosed to Anna that he has been following her. And again, BUT WHY?

There has been a lot of talk about Duke Lavery lately, as Anna Devane and DA Paul Hornsby are working to reel in Carlos Rivera, in order to bring down Julian Jerome for ordering the hit on Duke.

Anna has turned to mob boss, Sonny Corinthos, who was a dear friend to Duke, for help. Sonny and Anna have a mutual understanding to keep each other informed on Carlos’ whereabouts.

GH rumors have been swirling, that Dr. Griffin may be Anna and Duke’s son.

Is Duke Lavery Alive?

DukediesLast May, just shortly after Anna (Finola Hughes) and Duke danced at The Nurses Ball, little did they know it would be their last. Duke Lavery (Ian Buchanan) was killed by Carlos River (Jeffrey Vincent Parise) by the order of Julian Jerome (William DeVry). In turn, Duke’s death has caused a striking series of events from Anna acting out of character and shooting Carlos to avenge Duke’s death. Which also lead to the current story line involving DA Paul Hornsby (Richard Burgi), and now that Carlos has been revealed to be alive, this opens up an entirely new avenue for Anna in regard to making sure Carlos pays for what he has done.

However, General Hospital rumors have been swirling that Duke Lavery is actually alive. Duke has been a hot topic lately in Port Charles as Anna and DA Hornsby are up to their necks in involvement with Carlos Rivera and everything that’s been going on since Anna discovered he was alive.

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Since it turns out that Anna didn’t kill Carlos after all, even though she intended to do so because he killed her love, Duke, fans are beginning to think it is also possible that Duke is still alive.

Anna is in a bad place right now. She is stuck in the middle of DA Hornsby’s botched operation, she is withholding information from Jordan and has asked Jordan to give her a few weeks to get things straight, she is missing Robin, Emma, and Patrick, as well as Duke. This just might be a good time to give Anna some unexpected happiness by having Duke stroll back into her life.

What do you think, could Duke actually turn up alive? Is Paul Hornsby behind it all? Let us know your thoughts and comments! Share with your fellow GH fan friends!

Confirmed: Finola Hughes Returns to GH

FinolaThe last time we saw Anna Devane, she was mourning the loss of her true love, Duke Lavery. She said her goodbyes and went of to spread Duke’s ashes. Finola Hughes went on Summer hiatus, but will be retutning to the canvas very soon.

In a twitter announcement, the actress confirmed on August 6th, that she will be back at GH taping her scenes this week. On August 10th, she tweeted she was back on set.

Look for Finola Hughes in Port Charles, as Anna Devane, early this Fall.

Check out her confirmation tweet! GH Blog is so happy to announce the return of this GH beauty.


GH Cast-mates Say #FarewellTony, Wait for the Surprise at the End

FarewellTonyThe entire month of July, General Hospital has been releasing #FarewellTony videos, to honor the legendary Tony Geary, for his amazing work on General Hospital for 37 years. Tony has made Luke Spencer a household name, and has touched the hearts of so many.

This most recent video posted on the General Hospital Facebook Page, Kirsten Storms (Maxie Jones), Ian Buchanan (Duke Lavery), and Laura Wright (Carly Corinthos Jacks), and ABC’s The Chew, bid Tony farewell in this heartfelt video message that will have you in tears.

Don’t miss the surprise star at the end of the video, it will turn your tears into ironic laughter. Tony has shares so many memories with many different co-stars on General Hospital, and it’s certain that they all wish him much love and happiness, even if he is a villain in Port Charles… 😉 Check it out!