General Hospital Spoilers: True Love Blooms, Michael And Willow The Next Edward And Lila Quartermaine

An unexpected (to most) wedding turned out to be a beautiful surprise when Michael Corinthos Jr. (Chad Duell) and Willow Tait (Katelyn MacMullen) said their vows and are now husband and wife.

Proud parents and smiling faces were seen throughout the Quartermaine mansion. Everyone was on their best behavior, allowing Michael and Willow to remain relaxed and enjoy the day, even if they aren’t in love- yet.

General Hospital rumors claim Michael and Willow will become the next Edward and Lila Quartermaine after falling in love that will last a lifetime. Michael has given Willow his Grandmother Lila’s ring, which isn’t taken lightly in the Quartermaine family. That ring is a family heirloom and Michael and Willow are honored to have it as a piece to symbolize their marriage.

It’s no secret that Michael has been dealt a less than ideal hand when it comes to love. The women he chooses always end up crazy, break his heart, or die. This time, fate chose Willow for Michael. They married under different circumstances but that doesn’t mean they can’t stand the test of time.

General Hospital rumors indicate Willow and Michael will fall madly in love with each other, creating another iconic Daytime couple for the ages.

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