General Hospital Spoilers: Elizabeth Hides Jason- An Injured Jason Shows Up At Liz’s Doorstep!

General Hospital Spoilers: Elizabeth Hides Jason From Finn
General Hospital Spoilers:
Elizabeth Hides Jason From Finn

Let the Jason Morgan effect ripple through the entire city of Port Charles! There isn’t much that this man won’t impact upon his big return. Steve Burton’s highly anticipated GH return will be here in a flash. Before we know it, all the feels will come rushing back as we see Burton portray the iconic Jason Morgan.

Ever since January 4th, GH rumors surrounding Jason’s shocking return swirl around social media. Various theories about who Jason is, loves, and even works for flood media outlets. Reportedly, Steve Burton sets the record straight on the latest and biggest GH rumors.

Jason Morgan’s love interest is a huge topic of conversation. Prior to his presumed demise, Jason was smitten with the now late Dr. Britt Westbourne. Upon his return Jason will eventually learn that Britt died at the hand of the hook killer. Meanwhile, General Hospital spoilers and rumors tease that an injured Jason shows up at Elizabeth’s doorstep.

According to GH rumors, Elizabeth hides Jason from Finn (Michael Easton)… and the rest of Port Charles. With danger lurking at every corner, Port Charles is a mob-war zone. It’s possible that Jason can’t risk being seen and turns to his old flame and mother of his son Jake.

If GH rumors are true and Jason shows up at Liz’s door, will he ask her to keep it a secret? And how will she feel about lying to Finn?

General Hospital Spoilers: An Experienced Enemy Targets Anna- Peter August Uses Charlotte To Destroy Anna

Peter August uses Charlotte to destroy Anna and Valentin
Peter August uses Charlotte to destroy Anna

Who would have thought that Elizabeth and Finn would have come this far. The Doctor and the Head Nurse have been through so much together over the last few years. And what started out as friends/in-laws has become a romance.

Previously, a traumatic experience strengthened Dr. Finn (Michael Easton) and Elizabeth Webber’s (Rebecca Herbst) bond. After all, nothing says ride or die like helping each other cover up a homicide! Am I right?

General Hospital recaps recall that one fateful day when Finn got mixed up with the likes of Peter August (Wes Ramsey). It’s not like he had a choice. Instead, Finn was forced to play Peter’s twisted little game. Because if he didn’t, it could have cost Harrison Chase’s (Josh Swickard) life. Thankfully, alls well that ends well, and Chase made a miraculous recovery while Peter August met his demise. Or so Finn and Liz thought.

Peter August Returns, Uses Charlotte To Destroy Anna

According to GH spoilers, Anna’s situation causes friction between herself and Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart). Her safety is compromised after a series of events, including her house being burned to the ground. Moreover, GH rumors tease that Finn and Liz are stunned when Peter August’s whereabouts surface. What really happened after Elizabeth and Dr. Finn last saw him?

Meanwhile, Anna’s mystery terrorizer is on the loose and that raises concern. What ever happened to Peter when he was no longer in that freezer? How in the H E ???????? did he escape? Odds are, Peter didn’t climb out of the alone. Liz and Finn were positive that he was dead. But from the looks of things that’s probably not the case.

GH spoilers reveal that Anna’s on the right track. There’s no doubt that something going on with Charlotte Cassadine, but it’s hard to tell. She seems extra attached to Valentin lately. Furthermore, she’s behaving strangely with those tarot cards. Ultimately, Anna comes to terms with accepting that this is both personal and professional. There’s no doubt that what’s happening to Anna is on a personal level while carried out like a professional.

While it may look as though Charlotte is behind this, that could be what someone wants everyone to believe. Who better fits that narrative than Peter August!? What better way to get back at both Anna and Valentin? And using his daughter is the icing on the cake. Surely Peter fits the bill with his personal vendetta against Anna, and his experience working with professional criminals like Cyrus Renault (Jeff Kober). Oh, and the fact that his not-so-dead body just disappeared.

Peter and Cyrus have a past

General Hospital Spoilers: Nikolas Won’t Let Esme Go, Elizabeth Rethinks Her Role In Nik’s Scheme

Elizabeth Nikolas Esme

Will Elizabeth turn on Nikolas? Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) and Nikolas Cassadine (Marcus Coloma) have been best friends since adolescence. Their bond grew over the years spent together in a tight-knit friendship group. Will Elizabeth and Nikolas be friends forever, or do all good things come to an end?

General Hospital recaps recall Elizabeth’s recent impromptu (false) confession to Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton). Elizabeth and Finn’s relationship was put under strain and their status remains hanging in the balance. Because of his uncertainty, Finn reached out to Liz to discuss their next steps. In addition, he addressed the issue he has with Nikolas Cassadine (Marcus Coloma) in regard to Esme Prince’s (Avery Kristen Pohl) whereabouts. Ultimately, Finn put the mother of three on the spot when he asked her if she was pregnant.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Elizabeth panicked when Finn boldly questioned connection to the prenatal vitamins. Consequently, her answer causes a chain reaction of predicaments. The hook killer got another victim and Elizabeth hurried to Wyndemere to share the news with Nikolas. Now that they know Esme couldn’t be the hook killer, Elizabeth rethinks her role in Nikolas’s scheme. She regrets losing Finn over this astronomical lie, as well as, having Ava Jerome (Maura West) believe she slept with her husband and is the reason Ava and Nikolas divorce.

General Hospital rumors suggest Nikolas and Elizabeth butt heads over deciding what’s next for Esme. Liz sees no reason to keep this going, however, Nikolas might think they’re in too deep to stop now. It seems as though maintaining a friendship with Nikolas comes at a high price. Is Elizabeth still willing to pay?

General Hospital Spoilers: Elizabeth Fakes A Pregnancy

Elizabeth fakes a pregnancy GH

Elizabeth fakes a pregnancy! General Hospital spoilers tease Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) dilemma creates another facet to Nikolas Cassadine’s (Marcus Coloma) already complicated situation.

General Hospital previews indicate Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) questions Liz and backs her into a corner. As she tried to deter Finn from putting the pieces together, she scrambled to find excuses to his justifiable observations. Elizabeth’s improv responses seemed to be working for a little while before the dynamic shifted.

GH recaps recall Finn went back to grab whatever Liz left behind. Unfortunately for Liz, the bottle of prenatal vitamins sparked a flashback from when Finn visited Spoon Island. He recognized the same bottle of vitamins on an end table when leaving Wyndemere. Finn wants answers and didn’t hesitate to confront Elizabeth.

Elizabeth fakes a pregnancy?!

General Hospital previews and spoilers suggest Elizabeth is put on the spot when Finn asks her if she’s pregnant. Will she be able to come up with another convincing, improv answer? Or will Elizabeth panic and say the vitamins are for her own pregnancy? If she chooses the latter, will Liz tell Finn the baby is his or, will she lie and say she and Nikolas Cassadine (Marcus Coloma) are having an affair?!

General Hospital Spoilers: Alexis Leads Finn In Their Growing Suspicions, Nikolas And Elizabeth Get Caught?

Finn Nikolas and Elizabeth get caught

Nikolas and Elizabeth get caught! Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) turned to his friend and old flame Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn). He needs her as a shoulder to lean on after Elizabeth’s confession. Due to his current situation with Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst), Finn is all up in his head and feelings.

GH rumors speculate Finn might be caught up in his own feelings but Alexis is thinking clearly. General Hospital spoilers reveal Alexis starts asking questions regarding Esme Prince’s (Avery Kristen Pohl) whereabouts. As a result, Alexis pieces together recent events, leading to their growing suspicions.

General Hospital previews indicate Finn takes matters into his own hands when he shows up at Wyndemere. Finn wants to talk to Nikolas Cassadine (Marcus Coloma) about Esme. If Nikolas isn’t careful, he’s going to get caught. GH spoilers reveal Nikolas leaves the bottle of prenatal vitamins on the end table near the main door. With Finn in his doorway, and the prenatal vitamins on the table, Nikolas runs a high risk of getting caught. He sent Elizabeth to the hospital for more vitamins and she’s expected to make a quick return.

General Hospital rumors hint Nikolas and Elizabeth get caught together. However, Finn might assume Liz has moved on with Nikolas, suspecting nothing to do with Esme. Will Finn find the prenatal vitamins and assume they belong to Liz?!

General Hospital Spoilers: Finn Finds Elizabeth With Nikolas

Elizabeth and Nikolas Finn

Finn finds Elizabeth with Nikolas! Elizabeth and Finn’s relationship hit a wall after she discovered details of her childhood trauma. Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) walked out on Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) after she confessed her involvement in Reiko’s death.

Elizabeth has been spending much of her time at Wyndemere with Nikolas Cassadine (Marcus Coloma) after her relationship with Finn had taken an indefinite pause.

General Hospital recaps recall Nikolas and Elizabeth’s friendship has stood the rest of time. They’ve been through it all together and now they are facing another ride or die type of situation. These besties have been there for each other throughout their lives, each being someone the other can depend on.

Nikolas needs his best friend’s help and Elizabeth is down for the ride. Her time at Wyndemere consists of providing medical care to Esme Prince (Avery Kristen Pohl) whom is pregnant. Nikolas has Esme prisoner, hiding the young woman and her pregnancy from Ava Jerome (Maura West) and the rest of Port Charles. The people of Port Charles are under the assumption that Esme is the hook killer.

General Hospital spoilers and previews tease Liz and Nik get caught! Finn finds Elizabeth with Nikolas and makes an assumption. There’s no doubt those two are up to something but it’s not what Finn thinks.

General Hospital Spoilers: The Webber Family – Dysfunction, Corruption, Betrayal And Jealousy – Carolyn’s Secret Murder Coverup

Elizabeth’s mom killed Reiko

There’s more to the mystery! Elizabeth’s mom killed Reiko?! Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) has been struggling with disturbing memories of childhood trauma. The flashbacks surfaced like nonsequential clips to a haunting movie trailer.

Elizabeth’s estranged parents kept their distance from one of their two daughters for twenty five years. She couldn’t understand why her parents felt she was expendable. Jeff (William Moses) and Carolyn Webber (Denise Crosby) became consumed with their careers, ideally creating distance between themselves and Elizabeth.

GH spoilers and rumors suggest Elizabeth’s parents are still lying to her to this day. The once teen is now grown up and trying to make sense of the past. She’s guilt stricken after being told she caused the fall that ultimately lead to Reiko’s complicated death. The latest GH spoilers and rumors claim Liz isn’t the only one who knew and of her father’s affair.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Jeff and Carolyn drugged and abandoned 15 year old Liz because she knew too much. Liz was very much against her father’s affair and she stood up to the woman now knows as Reiko. GH rumors hint Carolyn found out her husband was betraying her and took action against his mistress. Pain and jealously took control which lead Carolyn to seek revenge.

Could it be that Elizabeth’s mom killed Reiko? Jeff seems eager to make up for lost time but feels guilty for what he’s done. His affair with Reiko started the domino effect of events that ended in tragedy. The betrayal, lies, and coverups have come back to haunt the Webber family and the only way to get through it is to face it. Carolyn is still trying to cover up her crimes and used her own daughter to save herself.

General Hospital Spoilers: Elizabeth’s Parents Cover Up A Murder; Liz Killed Reiko?!

Elizabeth kills Reiko

Elizabeth killed Reiko?! Elizabeth Webber’s (Rebecca Herbst) current mental state has been a result of her suppressed, childhood trauma. Whatever Liz experienced back in the day has been buried deep.

General Hospital news reports confirm General Hospital has cast two new actors to fill the roles as Elizabeth Webber’s parents. Jeff (William Moses) and Carolyn Webber (Denise Crosby) have a complicated past. Both of their two daughters were raised by their grandmother, Audrey Hardy (Rachel Ames).

Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) has tried to be there for Liz every step of the way through her journey through her troubled past. Finn will take as much as Elizabeth will allow. Although it’s been difficult for Elizabeth to let him in, Finn wants to continue to look out for her.

Finn has always believed his late wife, Reiko (Mele Ihara) died of Blackwood’s Syndrome. From then he was inspired to find cure. But what if that isn’t jow Reiko died at all? What if Elizabeth killed Reiko?

General Hospital recaps recall Elizabeth’s flashbacks bringing forth memories Liz had deeply buried. One memory in particular was triggered by the incident involving Finn and Peter August (Wes Ramsey) on the stairs. Liz has flashbacks of a staircase, while she yelled to a young woman to stay away from her father [Jeff].

General Hospital rumors hint Liz may have been the one to push Reiko down the stair, causing her death. Jeff and Carolyn sent Liz and Sarah off with Gram, far away from where the incident took place.

GH rumors hint Jeff was having an affair with Reiko. Therefore, Elizabeth wanted her far away from her father, giving her motive to push Jeff’s mistress down the stairs. Carolyn and Jeff wanted to protect their daughter. Did Liz’s parents cover up her crime?

General Hospital News And Spoilers: The Roles Of Elizabeth’s Parents Filled As GH Casts Two New Actors

Elizabeth’s parents GH

Elizabeth’s parents head to Port Charles! General Hospital news reports confirm General Hospital has cast two new actors in the roles of Jeff and Caroline Webber.

GH and Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) fans have long awaited this major breakthrough. Talk of Liz’s parents has been a focal point for the character’s current storyline.

The role of Jeff Webber was previously played by Richard Dean Anderson. Caroline Webber has been a mere mention as the role has never been cast. General Hospital spoilers reveal the roles of Elizabeth’s parents have been cast by two prime time actors.

GH news confirms Falcon Crest’s William Moses and Star Trek actress, Denise Crosby will fill the roles, finally bringing Liz’s parents to life. General Hospital recaps recall he role of Jeff Webber was introduced in 1981. For 25 years we have never put a face to the name, Caroline Webber.

Elizabeth and her sister Sarah Webber (Jennifer Sky) arrived Port Charles in 1997. The two daughters of Jeff and Caroline Webber were raised by their Gram, Audrey Hardy (Rachel Ames).

In a recent tweet, GH newcomer, Denise Crosby confirmed news of landing the role as Liz’s mom. Denise will be the first actress to fill the shoes of Caroline Webber.

General Hospital rumors hint that Jeff will be brought in to shed light on the death of Reiko. Hamilton Finn’s (Michael Easton) late wife appeared in Elizabeth’s flashbacks as she struggled with her past trauma. Her memories peeked her curiosity as she pieced together the traumatic events. Liz thinks her father could have been involved in Reiko’s death, while Finn believed her death was accidental and caused by poison.

GH spoilers and rumors claim
Elizabeth’s memories will increasingly resurface as her parents jar memories she had buried deeply in her subconscious.

General Hospital Spoilers: Port Charles In SHOCK When Mother Of Three Is Unveiled As Hook Killer!?

What exactly has been going on with Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst)? No one seems to know. Not her doctor, Dr. Kevin Collins (Jon Lindstrom), not her boyfriend, Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton), and not even Liz herself knows what’s going on in the kind of hers- yet.

General Hospital spoilers reveal, little by little, Elizabeth is remembering more and more pieces to the puzzle, fitting them together to recreate the traumatic events of her past.

General Hospital rumors hint that it’s no coincidence the writers made Nikolas Cassadine (Marcus Coloma) and Elizabeth give each other alibis. At first fans were lead down the path that Nikolas attacked his own wife, Ava Jerome (Maura West), but quickly that was thrown out the window when the attacker struck again while Nikolas’s whereabouts were publicly accounted for. The storyline continues to bring Elizabeth into the thick of it, mentioning more than a few times that Liz still has no idea what she was doing at the time of Ava’s attack.

General Hospital recaps recall Elizabeth admitted to Ava that she [Liz] should be grateful Nikolas gave her an alibi. Although she believes that the alibi served as a precautionary measure, General Hospital rumors hint that Liz’s alibi from Nik will end up buying her time as she figures out what exactly happened that night during her blackout.

Now that Diane Miller (Carolyn Hennesy) has identified her attacker as a woman, that drastically narrows down the suspect list. While Selina Wu (Lydia Look) is a ruthless mob boss, it’s hard to believe she’d do the dirty work all by herself. Between Elizabeth’s suppressed past trauma, her blackouts, and the fact that the killer was labeled a woman, it could be safe to say that the way things are looking, Elizabeth Webber may ROCK Port Charles in a shocking revelation!