General Hospital News And Spoilers: Emma Samms Reveals How Her Health Struggles Effect GH Storylines

Emma Samms health issues

Emma Samms health issues, revealed. The General Hospital star has opened up about how her current struggles with health will effect upcoming General Hospital storylines.

Recently, Emma Samms discussed her return to ABC’s daytime drama with People Magazine. General Hospital news reports confirm that Samms is set to make her rerun debut in late October.

Prior to beginning filming for the role this time around, Emma sat down with the Executive Writers over at GH to fill them in on what’s been going on with her since battling Covid 19. Emma Samms health issues have lingered since being infected with the global pandemic virus. Samms contracted the virus in March of 2020.

She revealed to People what she had disclosed to the GH writing team. She admitted, “I told them if I stand still for too long, I might fall over. I might lose my voice if I talk too much. I sometimes sound gaspy.”

Long term effects of Covid has taken its toll on the 62 year old GH star. Those symptoms include, chronic ringing in the ears, blood pressure fluctuations, fatigue and breathlessness.

“I’m so cautious now. If I look at a distance to walk, I think, ‘How unwell will I feel if I walk?’ I’m always clocking, ‘Where’s the nearest hospital?’” Emma admits. “My inclination is to lie still in a quiet, dark room. That’s the only safe place health-wise for me,” she says. “And I am so not alone.” She added, she this global pandemic has effected so many.

“It’s an ongoing mass disabling event, and it’s been frightening to witness,” Emma pointed. “For me, it’s been a battle of the wills to accomplish anything.” Two years is a long time to be down and out. Now Emma is ready for her October 19th return debut as Holly Sutton.

Executive Producer, Frank Valentini weight in on Emma’s return, the current struggles with her health, and the part her condition plays in production. “You would never know there’s anything wrong with her. She puts every ounce of energy into it.” Valentini credit the actress.

Sadly, Emma disclosed that her struggle continues. “The truth is, if I’ve made an effort and put on makeup one day, that doesn’t mean I’m feeling better. I might look better, but it means I’ll feel awful tomorrow.”

It takes a lot of strength and courage to show up and power through when you know what’s in store if you pushback yourself. We are so excited to see Emma return to the iconic role as Holly Sutton. The adventures with Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers), Anna Devane (Finola Hughes), and crew are sure to keep us at the edge of our seat!

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