General Hospital Spoilers: Mac Wants Answers Diane Can’t Provide- Can Diane Hang With Robert’s Brother And Their Group Of Friends?

Mac asks Diane about Robert

…Over the years, Mac Scorpio (John J. York) and his brother Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers) have had each other’s backs. Through every adventure, every romance, every loss and triumph, the Scorpio brothers remain close. One solid way they’ve stayed close all this time is through their mutual friend group. Now that Robert has his sights on a new love interest, will Diane fit in with his bother Mac and their friends?

General Hospital recaps take us back to Diane Miller’s (Carolyn Hennesy) strong stance on dating. She made it abundantly clear that she won’t compete with any woman for a man’s attention; not even Robert’s. That being said, she won’t lower herself to such a competition with anyone, let alone Holly Sutton (Emma Samms).

According to recent General Hospital previews, Robert’s brother wants answers. Coming up on General Hospital, Mac asks Diane about Robert. Right now, Diane hasn’t a clue whether or she and Robert have a fighting chance at romance. As previously noted, Diane is certain that no man is worth getting petty with another woman over his affections. On the other hand, her fierce desire for victory might take over. It’s quite possible that the more Holly’s confidence shines through, the more inclined Diane becomes to win Robert over.

General Hospital Spoilers: Diane Rejects Robert After Their First Kiss

Diane rejects Robert over Holly

Diane rejects Robert!? It took them a while to get here, but Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers) and Diane Miller (Carolyn Hennesy) finally stepped out of the friend zone. The absolute Shark of an Attorney and District Attorney/WSB agent danced around their attraction for months.

Meanwhile, over at the DA’s office, Robert and Diane began working more closely together. They got to know each other, and their connection eventually lead to a mutual attraction. Robert learned, in addition to her extraordinary law-practicing skills, Diane is also a loyal friend and confidant. Anyone would want Diane on their side. Luckily, Robert won her over when they bonded as colleagues. Now, Robert has Diane in his corner.

According to recent GH recaps, Robert and Diane’s first kiss took her by surprise. Although, it seemed like Diane had a feeling Robert was gonna plant one on her at some point. However, she just didn’t think it would happen right then and there. Regardless, Robert and Diane’s first kiss was a success!

So, if they both felt the sparks, GH fans ask why Diane rejects Robert in the comings days/weeks. Well, General Hospital news reports confirm the recent GH comings and goings. Emma Samms has returned to General Hospital. While her role as Holly Sutton is a beloved character, Holly leaves a bad taste in someone’s mouth. As much as she respects Holly, GH rumors hint that Diane begins to see Holly differently now that she’s developed feelings for Robert.

Will this love triangle become a cat fight over Agent and DA Scorpio?

General Hospital News And Spoilers: Nathan Parsons Replaced, Ethan Recast! Who Is The New Ethan Lovett?

Ethan Lovett recast Nathan Parsons OUT James Ryan new Ethan Lovett

Who is the new Ethan Lovett?! Nathan Parsons joined General Hospital’s iconic cast in January 2009. Parsons portrayed the son of daytime tv legends, Luke Spencer (Tony Geary) and Holly Sutton (Emma Samms) until 2012. Then, years later, Parsons reprised his role in a few short stints.

General Hospital Recap: According to General Hospital news, the Emmy nominated actor returned for General Hospital’s 50th anniversary in 2013. Parsons made appearances again in 2015 and 2020. Recent General Hospital recaps recall Holly’s desperate attempt to find her son. Victor Cassadine (Charles Shaughnessy) captured Ethan Lovett to control Holly. He needed her to help to distract Anna Devane (Finola Hughes), Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers), and the rest of the WSB crew. Therefore, Victor used her son’s life as leverage to keep Holly obeying orders.

General a Hospital news reports reveal that actor James Ryan joined General Hospital’s cast as the new Ethan Lovett. Fans were shocked when Ethan’s face was finally revealed. His jet black hair is now a gold rush of blond, flowing locks. Ethan’s new looks caused quite stir. According to GH spoilers and news, GH fans weigh in on the new Ethan. Check out some tweets below!

General Hospital News And Spoilers: Jane Elliot Returns To GH- Tracy Returns To Port Charles, Tracy’s Ties To Luke Bring New Developments

Tracy returns to General Hospital is Luke alive

Tracy returns to Port Charles. Now and again, Tracy pops in and out of Port Charles to catch up with the Q’s, along with old friends. Of course, enemy encounters are inevitable.

According to the latest General Hospital news reports, Jane Elliot returns to General Hospital. Despite her retirement, Elliot makes her way back to the GH set every once in a while. She fulfills requests to periodically return due to her character’s relevance in certain storylines.

Like a gust of wind, General Hospital’s 60th anniversary and May Sweeps actually sweep Jane Elliot in again. However, GH comings and goings reports haven’t revealed the length of her stay. According to General Hospital recaps, the legendary Lucas Lorenzo Spencer (Tony Geary) is dead. Allegedly, he lost his life in a lame cable car accident. The ones who know and love him the most really aren’t buying it. Instead, Laura Spencer (Genie Francis) believes Victor Cassadine (Charles Shaughnessy) is involved in some way or another. Laura isn’t even convinced that her precious Luke is actually dead. That being said, General Hospital rumors hint that Tracy returns to Port Charles regarding Luke.

Does Tracy have new information for Laura and the rest of PC? Is Luke alive? General Hospital news and spoilers reveal Jane makes her first appearance as Tracy on Monday, April 17th. In addition, Port Charles will see Holly Sutton again as well. Will these ladies be the key to discovering the truth about Luke?

General Hospital News And Spoilers: Holly Takes Down Victor?! Victor’s Going Down Just Like His Manhood, Victor Gets Riled Up- Too Bad He Can’t Get Something Else “Riled Up”

Holly returns to Port Charles Victor can’t get it up

Holly takes down Victor. The last time we saw Holly Sutton (Emma Samms), she went up in faux flames. Robert Scorpio’s (Tristan Rogers) blood curdling screams for his lady love could talk a Lion out of eating his next meal. Victor believed Holly was sent to recovery at a special burn unit and that the Ice Princess was gone.

According to recent GH recaps, Victor Cassadine (Charles Shaughnessy) finally put two and two together. Holly’s ruse derailed Victor’s plans, and bought time to stall him in his quest. However, so much was set in motion. Lives are at stake and Victor is crazier than ever before.

General Hospital news reports confirm Holly returns to Port Charles as Victor’s big showdown is about to erupt. Currently, Spencer Cassadine (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) and baby Ace are Victor’s prisoners on the Haunted Star. Trina Robinson (Tabyana Ali) jumped aboard and they’re headed for Venezuela. Dr. Liesl Obrecht’s (Kathleen Gati) medical expertise made her Victor’s target. He plans to release a deadly pathogen while Obrecht is expected to administer inoculation to Victor and his family.

Despite his recent efforts, Victor keeps taking L after L. He can’t even get a Win in the bedroom. If he only knew that Holly is the reason he can’t get it up, the target on her back would go straight to her head. Recently, General Hospital news and spoilers indicate that Holly returns to Port Charles on Monday, April 17th. Her presence can’t be good for Victor. He’s about to go down just like something else of his!

General Hospital Spoilers: Diane Helps Robert When In Need- Is It Just Bad Timing?

Robert and Diane as Holly returns

Will sparks fly between Robert and Diane as Holly returns to Port Charles? There’s nothing like a few good love triangles to make a soap opera complete. No couple is immune. In fact, even legendary super couples are subject to a good ole fashion, soapy, love triangle.

The DA’s office has been working around the clock to bring some of these cases to a close. Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers) and Diane Miller (Carolyn Hennesy) want the same things. They want Justice for Trina Robinson (Tabyana Ali) after she was framed. When it comes to making Esme pay for her crimes, Robert and Diane’s goals align. However, just because they share the same endgame, that doesn’t mean their means to the end is the same.

General Hospital news reports confirm that actress Emma Samms returns as Robert’s love, Holly Sutton. General Hospital’s 60th anniversary brings forth excitement like fans have never seen before. Storylines are heating up and Holly will be on the front burner. As the super spy crew continues their mission to take down Victor Cassadine (Charles Shaughnessy), Holly jumps in to help. Although Diane isn’t directly involved with Victor’s case, she’s close enough to Robert as colleagues.

According to a General Hospital spoilers, sparks fly between Robert and Diane as Holly returns to Port Charles. After all this time, Robert and Holly’s iconic relationship is on fire whenever they share the screen. Although Holly returns soon, there’s no telling how long her stay lasts this time around. Every time she pops up, Robert and Diane are just getting started. Is it just bad timing for new relationships to bloom? Or Will Robert and Holly always be?

General Hospital Spoilers: Victor Blames Eileen, Points The Finger At Deputy Mayor

Victor blames Eileen

Victor blames Eileen. The walls are closing in on Victor Cassadine (Charles Shaughnessy). Anna Devane (Finola Hughes), Valentin Cassadine (Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers), Mac Scorpio (John J. York), Felicia Jones (Kristina Wagner), and Laura Spencer Collins (Genie Francis) are working together to take him down. With Deputy Mayor Eileen Ashby’s help, the super-spy crew is closer and closer to busting this Cassadine.

According to General Hospital spoilers, Eileen can’t escape the adverse consequences from her involvement with Victor. Whether or not she’s on his side, Eileen’s fare remains the same. He’s always planned to turn on her. But luckily for Eileen, she turned on him first. Or so she thought. The Deputy Mayor jumped ship as a way to get out of Victor’s choke hold. However, that’s not the case. Anna warned Eileen that no one is out of this mess until Victor is completely stopped. Still working as an informant, Eileen continues to answer to Victor. What he doesn’t know, yet, is that she’s working under Anna and Valentin.

Soon enough, GH previews and rumors suggest Victor blames Eileen for his missteps. The once calm and collected Cassadine is now frantic, and overlooking key signs. While he believes Anna and Valentin are dead, Victor struggles to figure out Eileen’s angle.

General Hospital News. Have you heard the news? According to the latest casting news, GH comings and goings reports confirm Emma Samms’ return to General Hospital. Arriving in Port Charles soon, GH rumors suggest that Holly Sutton becomes part of Victor Cassadine’s takedown.

General Hospital Spoilers: Time Is Running Out, Victor Preys On Esme, Holly Returns To Take Him Down- Can Holly Save Esme From Victor?

Can Holly save Esme from Victor Spencer Esme Victor Holly

Can Holly save Esme from Victor? Victor Cassadine (Charles Shaughnessy) is out for what he believes is his. As the self-proclaimed leader of the Cassadine family, Victor makes it his mission to herd family members like sheep. Total control is his end game. However, in order for Uncle Victor to satisfy his desire, he must get through Esme Prince (Avery Kristen Pohl).

According to recent General Hospital recaps, Victor expresses his desire to take baby Ace. As the mother of the youngest Cassadine heir, Esme fears Uncle Victor’s very presence. Furthermore, she has trust issues with Spencer Cassadine (Nicholas Alexander Chavez). Together, Victor and Spencer pose a serious threat to Esme and baby Ace. That being said, the controlling Cassadine must be stopped.

As reported in General Hospital spoilers, Victor plans to take baby Ace from his mother. With Spencer’s help, Victor preys on Esme. Time is running out and Victor needs to be stopped before any harm comes to Esme or her baby. Currently, Spencer’s grandmother Laura Spencer Collins (Genie Francis) took Esme and Ace into her home. Trust is a touchy subject when it comes to Esme and the Cassadine’s. However, although Laura is Spencer’s grandmother, she isn’t a Cassadine.

It’s safe to say that a Laura is one of the good ones. Having helped Holly, Anna Devane (Finola Hughes), Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers), and Mac (John J. York) and Felicia Jones (Kristina Wagner) in the past, she’ll help them take down Victor this time around too. GH news reports confirm that Emma Samms returns to General Hospital as Holly Sutton. According to GH rumors, Holly returns just in time to help the crew bring Victor down for good. Can Holly save as Esme from Victor before he takes baby Ace?

General Hospital News And Spoilers: Emma Samms Returns As Holly Sutton; Will Victor Get His Groove Back?

Victor catches Holly Emma Samms returns Holly Sutton Victor Cassadine

Will Victor catch Holly? Holly Sutton (Emma Samms) knows just how to hit ’em where it hurts. Although she hasn’t inflicted any physical pain, the damage Holly brought forth on Victor Cassadine’s (Charles Shaughnessy) ego is perpetual.

General Hospital news reports confirm that GH vet, Emma Samms, returns as Holly Sutton. Prior to the actress’s November exit, GH spoilers revealed that her time in Port Charles wasn’t over. Emma left the role temporarily, leaving the audience with a major cliffhanger. Holly skipped town after faking her death. But first, she made sure to set her plan against Victor in motion. As General Hospital recaps recall, Holly asked Selina Wu (Lydia Look) for a favor. She handed a mysterious vial to her alliance, along with verbal instruction. The con artist and WSB agent clarified that her goal is not to kill Victor. She sought out a guarantee that Victor would inject the poison. Thankfully, the chose the perfect woman for the job. Selina Wu (Lydia Look) took heed to Holly’s explanation. And in doing so, she agreed to carry out Holly’s wishes. Then, Holly made her exit and left the audience with a cliffhanger.

According to General Hospital spoilers and rumors, Holly returns to Port Charles amidst Victor’s medical mystery. After faking her death, she emerges from hiding. Will Victor catch Holly alive? Now that Victor’s aware he was poisoned, can he connect the dots between Selina and Holly? Angry and desperate, GH rumors claim that Victor demands an antidote!

The General Hospital comings and goings news confirms Samms makes her return debut on April 14. Do NOT miss a moment of GH60!