General Hospital Spoilers And News: Emme Rylan Confirms Her GH Status In Live Video

One of the most popular General Hospital-related spoilers and overall topics is whether or not long-time GH star, Emme Rylan, is returning to the soap opera.

Every this week, General Hospital news and spoilers confirmed that Rylan was back on set, and happy to be back. However, Rylan is not currently working on her home set of General Hospital, but on the set of another project.

General Hospital spoilers reveal, just moments ago, Emme Rylan started an Instagram Live video, addressing the question of her GH status. Before having been joined by co-star and bestie, Kirsten Storms, Rylan disclosed that she has not yet been asked to return to General Hospital.

Although Laura Spencer (Genie Francis) has been missing her daughter and mentioned Lulu, General Hospital news reports confirm there has been no inclination of a near-future return for Rylan.

Lulu Spencer Falconeri Recast

Since we have learned of the sad news that Julie Marie Berman is leaving General Hospital as Lulu Spencer Falconeri, the role has been recast. General Hospital has chosen former Guiding Light and The Young and the Restless starlet, Emme Rylan. General Hospital Blog would like to wish Julie Marie Berman happiness and success as she ventures out and explores new career avenues. Also, we welcome newcomer, Emme Rylan to the GH canvas and are excited to see her step into the role of Lulu Spencer Falconeri. Congratulations Ms. Rylan!

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