General Hospital News: GH’s Emme Rylan Shares Proud Mom Moment

We haven’t heard much General Hospital news surrounding GH actress, Emme Rylan’s status as Lulu Spencer Falconeri. Lulu is currently still in a coma, due to the fact that her uncle Cyrus Renault (Jeff Kober), used The Floating Rib to place a bomb, in what happened to be a failed attempt to take out Jason Morgan (Steve Burton).

General Hospital spoilers reveal Rylan will eventually come back to the set of General Hospital as the storyline surrounding Lulu and her family is not over.

Although we haven’t seen Emme on screen in a while, GH fans can keep up with her on her personal Instagram page.

In her recent IG post, she shares a pic of her son Levi learning to play guitar. The photo is captioned, “Levi learning how to play the guitar is making my heart explode with all the cuteness!

Emme Rylan responded to a fan’s question, asking which app Levi is using as a learning tool. Rylan revealed he is using the app, SimplyGuitar.

Best of luck to Levi on his musical journey learning the world of guitar.

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