General Hospital Spoilers: Laura Returns to PC, Will Nik Lie to His Mother?

Nikolas Cassadaine is mostly known as being a Cassadine. Although we are all well aware that he is equally a Vining/Webber, as he is the son of Laura Spencer. We tend to forget sometimes, due to the fact that Laura has been off the canvas for so long, that Nikolas isn’t only made up of Cassadine blood, especially lately. Nikolas Cassadine has always been the outast, along with his aunt, Natasha, or, Alexis Davis. The two non-Cassadine-like Cassadines carry the family name but they typically do not act the part. As of recent behavior, Nik is really starting to live up to his title, Prince of Darkness. In the past few months Nik has engaged in some questionable activity and unthinkable behavior. The Nikolas Cassadine, son of Laura Spencer would never even come close to doing the things Nikolas is responsible for. He was always a good man, with a good heart, looking out for his family and friends, the love of his life, Emily, and setting an example for his sister, Lulu.
Laura Spencer is back in town, and with his mother in close vicinity, will Nikolas be able to hide what he has done? Nikolas has tampered with votes to an election, he has lied about the identity of a man that is close to many people he loves, and the worst yet, he has hired a hit man to off a woman just to keep his secrets from getting out.

The General Hospital spoiler photo above, from Entertainment Weekly, shows Laura and her son Nikolas in what looks to be a deep conversation. Is Nikolas ready to come clean for all the wrong he has done in the recent past, or will he lie to his own mother just to keep his good reputation?

What role will Laura play in how Nikolas handles the net series of events? Do you think that some good motherly advice could sway this dark Prince back into the light?