General Hospital Spoilers: The Truth Is Out About Jackie and Finn, But Wait, There’s More! Find Out What’s At Stake

Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) has been acting squeamish around journal, and mother of Detective Chase (Josh Swickard), Jackie Templeton (Kim Delaney).

General Hospital spoilers reveal Finn and Jackie have a past dating up to the night before hers and his father’s (Gregory Chase, Gregory Harrison), wedding. Jackie renewables strong feelings for Finn and expressed her disappointment that Finn never came back for her.

To this day, Finn still pleads to keep their secret from his father. General Hospital rumors claim Finn can’t bare to face the the consequences of the truth gets out. He reminded Jackie, “what’s a stake.”

General Hospital spoilers and rumors suggest a bombshell will be dropped and the true identity of Chase’s father will be reveal as Finn, not Gregory.

General Hospital rumors hint there is more to the story than just a one night stand and some leftover feelings. It’s possible Chase is the life long reminder of the night they betrayed Gregory.

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