General Hospital Spoilers: Finn Gets Tangled in Love Triangle

General Hospital new reports in General Hospital comings and goings state that Finola Hughes will be returning to General Hospital as Anna Devane for upcoming story lines kicking off November Sweeps.

Anna has been away from her fiance, Hamilton Finn for the better part of the season. She has been gone all Summer, and the story is that she went to see her twin sister, Alex Marick for information. She needed answers from her sister regarding her memories shared. Anna thinks she ad a baby with Faison, resulting in the birth of Peter August. Anna is convinced this was the memory implanted in her head, and that in face, this is a memory of Alex’s, not Anna. General Hospital spoilers hint Anna will come back with information confirming her intuition that she is not actually Peter’s mother. Now that she is back in PC, Anna will have to face Peter (Wes Ramsey) and deliver the life changing news.

While Anna was away, a huge shift has come into what is Anna’s personal romantic relationship with her fiance, Finn. Finn’s ex-fiance, Hayden Barnes popped back into Port Charles after an attempt to meet with Hayden to tell her secret. Finn had second thoughts and decided not to meet Hayden because it wouldn’t be right as he was romantically involved with Anna.

Not only has Hayden shocked Finn by showing up in Port Charles, she also dropped a bomb that they have a daughter together and she is sick in the hospital with an un-diagnosed condition.

Anna will be feeling emotional after her time away, which may play a part in the inevitable rift between she and Finn. Hayden’s presence in Port Charles will play a major role in the issues Anna and Finn will be facing. Finn has recently learned that he and Hayden share a beautiful little daughter that happens to be ill. Now he feels the pressure to find out what is wrong with their daughter, all while trying to make things work with Anna and be there for Hayden.

We don’t know at this point what will happen next with Anna, Finn, and Hayden, however, General Hospital spoilers are updated on a regular basis, and any GH news and GH comings and goings reports will be share with General Hospital Blog fans.

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