General Hospital News and Spoilers: Link Inside! Fans Petition For Roger Howarth’s Return, Help GH Blog Find Petition, SIGN Petition For Roger’s Return

GH Fans Petition Roger Howarth’s Return
GH Fans Petition Roger Howarth’s Return

Since his memorable role as Todd Manning on ABC’s One Life To Live, Roger Howarth has been an icon and fan-favorite. Despite OLTL’s 2012 cancellation, Roger’s popularity grew. That’s because he landed himself a role on ABC’s longstanding General Hospital. Fast forward to today and we all know the rest.

General Hospital news and spoilers report that Roger Howarth’s GH exit caused quite a stir. So much backlash for TPTB flood social media platforms. No one wanted to see Roger go, and now the GH Executives are receiving backlash for their decision not to renew Roger’s contract.

According to GH news, GH fans petition Roger Howarth’s return. It’s true that there is a change.org petition to get Roger back on General Hospital. Evidently, fans are just as dismayed by losing Austin Holt as they were when Franco Baldwin was suddenly killed. It’s obvious the that common denominator is Roger Howarth. He’s a beloved actor in the Daytime Television community and GH fans aren’t ready or willing to let him go.

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General Hospital News and Spoilers: BREAKING! Roger Howarth Confirms GH Exit, Ends His Run On GH

Austin Holt dies Roger Howarth Exits GH
Austin Holt dies Roger Howarth Exits GH

Dr. Austin Gatlin Holt was shot and left to die. Immediately, GH fans feared the worst for their beloved character’s fate. It’s no secret that Roger Howarth has a dedicated Dan following. That said, it doesn’t really matter which time he played, Howarth was welcomed with open arms.

General Hospital spoilers and rumors regarding Howarth’s GH status after Austin was shot. Many feared the worst for Austin, dreading his sudden death. Meanwhile, other GH rumors speculated that Austin would recover. But those weren’t the only GH rumors surrounding Austin’s shooting. Additionally, GH fans mentioned the fact that they’ve killed off Howarth’s roles in the past, just to bring him back to the canvas as someone entirely new.

General Hospital BREAKING News: Austin Holt Dies Roger Howarth Exits GH

Sadly, GH fan’s fears have come true. According to GH news reports, Roger Howarth confirmed that his time at General Hospital is over. He took to Instagram to share the news, along with his gratitude for his experience at General Hospital. So many had hoped that Austin would live. But the love for this character came over time. At first, many were skeptical of the Pautuck doctor and mourned Franco Baldwin’s unexpected demise. Then, Austin began to grow on GH fans despite the fizzled ikr attempt at romance with Maxie (Kirsten Storms). Finally, Austin and Ava’s storyline brought fans to the edge of their seats as Cyrus pulled the strings.

Roger Howarth will truly be missed as we regret to confirm his GH Exit.

General Hospital Spoilers: Austin’s Life Is In Heather’s Hands, Does Austin Live Or Die?

Does Austin die on GH

Does Austin die? Is Austin Holt’s (Roger Howarth) story over? Austin arrived in Port Charles after helping Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) give birth in the woods. Ironically, his ties to Port Charles lead him to cross paths with Maxie again.

General Hospital comings and goings news recalls the various characters played by Howarth. From OLTL’s Todd Manning, to GH’s Franco Baldwin, Austin Holt is the 3rd character played by Howarth. General Hospital fans were devastated at Franco Baldwin’s shocking death. Thankfully, Roger soon returned to the canvas as yet another character with the same face. Mostly, it took a while for fans to warm up to the new Doctor Austin Holt with the familiar face. Now that fans accept Roger’s new role, fans fear he’s out at GH yet again.

Does Austin Die?

Ryan Chamberlain (Jon Lindstrom) keft Heather Webber (Alley Mills) in charge at Wyndemere. Meanwhile, he set out to chase after a very pregnant Esme Prince (Avery Kristen Pohl). Back at Wyndemere, Felicia Jones (Kristina Wagner) and Ava Jerome (Maura West) try to keep their cool while their lives are in jeopardy. Although, the two ladies are worried about more than themselves. Whether a copycat or the real deal, Heather stabbed Dr. Holt with a hook and left him for dead. Ava fears for his life as Ryan and Heather call the shots.

General Hospital spoilers reveal the situation at Wyndemere intensifies when Austin’s fate comes down to the wire. Heather’s erratic behavior is like a loose cannon and her victims are at her mercy. Will Austin live or die?

General Hospital Spoilers: Rebecca Herbst Spills Startling Details Surrounding Franco’s Death, How Liz Developed, Storyline Regrets, And More

If you are a long time fan of General Hospital and have been caught up in the drama of Port Charles since at least the 1990s, then you have had the pleasure of watching Emmy nominated actress, Rebecca Herbst grow up before your eyes.

Rebecca Herbst joined the cast of General Hospital in August of 1997 as a rebellious young woman who found sanctuary in a town where she ultimately met the love of her life, Lucky Spencer (Jonathan Jackson), and made unbreakable ties to many.

Elizabeth Webber become the focal point of GH’s storyline in the late 1990s and she has remained one of the most popular characters for almost 3 decades. Elizabeth has been through more in life than most, yet you to par with the dramatic lives of the people in the fictional town of Port Charles. Elizabeth’s strength has been put to the rest and proven to reign strong, time and time again. More recently, Liz found safety and stability in a lover after her rollercoaster love life when many of the dangerous and toxic relationships she held.

Recent General Hospital spoilers reveal that Rebecca Herbst has opened up about the death of Liz’s latest husband, Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth). When Peter August (Wes Ramsey) did the unthinkable in true Peter form, dans were shocked at the abrupt loss of such a beloved character. Franco’s death came as just a shock to Herbst as it did to GH fans.

A look back on their love…

General Hospital news and spoilers report Rebecca Herbst admits she was just as taken aback by the writer’s decision to kill off Franco, and making Liz a widow, as the fans. General Hospital spoilers reveal a recent interview with Soap Opera Digest, Herbst opens up about Liz losing Franco, and how their relationship helped Liz grow. “I think [she] grew up a lot in her relationship with Franco,” Herbst explained, “It was the first time she was able to truly be honest with herself and stand up for herself and have a man support her, which was monumental in her life.” Rebecca went on to admit she and Franco’s portrayer Roger Howarth had “great chemistry” as Franco and Elizabeth, and she was stunned to learn Franco was to be killed off as he was.

Franco’s character has come a long way from being portrayed by James Franco, as he went from psycho killer to family man after a serious diagnosis and extreme treatment with brain surgery.

Elizabeth seems to have found love again in Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) but that doesn’t take anything away from the solid foundation Liz found in Franco.

We are excited to see more of Rebecca Herbst as Elizabeth Webber’s mental health storyline plays out.

General Hospital Spoilers: Elizabeth’s Suppressed Past Emerges To The Surface, Memories Of Abuse Flood Her Mind

Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) hasn’t had an easy upbringing. She has done well for herself as an adult with a steady career and three wonderful children.

Elizabeth’s life hasn’t been without struggle, dealing with trauma from her past. Recent General Hospital spoilers and rumors suggest Elizabeth is about to weather the eye of her personal storm. After her recent breakdown, Liz has jumped back into her daily routine. Against Dr. Kevin Collins’s (Jon Lindstrom) and Hamilton Finn’s (Michael Easton) better judgement, Elizabeth is back at work and tackling her every day life and the struggles that come along with it. She seems too good too soon and this behavior is setting up Liz for hitting rock bottom.

General Hospital previews and spoilers reveal Elizabeth has suppressed trauma that will soon rise to the surface. General Hospital rumors suggest that the upcoming arrival of her father, Jeff Webber, will trigger her past trauma, causing Elizabeth to have a full on mental breakdown.

GH rumors hint that Elizabeth’s story will take a dark turn down memory lane, revealing a tragic history of abuse. Elizabeth has been rattled lately with every mention of her father. She keeps avoiding and running from her past but she can’t escape what’s been done.

Will Liz be strong enough to go through the memories of her past?

General Hospital Spoilers: Austin’s Sketchy Entanglement Puts Maxie At Risk, Is There A Connection Involving Peter, Franco And Austin?

Will Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) ever be able to find an honest man after losing Nathan West (Ryan Paevey)?

That is the question General Hospital fans are asking after watching Maxie go through Hell with Peter August (Wes Ramsey).

Roger Howarth has morphed from Franco Baldwin to Doctor Austin Holt after Franco unexpectedly died at the hand of Maxie’s crazy ex, Peter. But is there more to it than just a character switch up as both Franco and Austin are played by Howarth? Some GH rumors suggest an eerie connection.

General Hospital spoilers and previews indicate Austin is dealing with a mystery man- the one who showed up in Pautuck while camping with Maxie and the Port Charles Pioneers. An innocent and fun event has revealed a dark side.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that Austin is hiding something from Maxie, possibly dealing with a threat on his own. He warned the peeper to stay away from Maxie and her family, but dans wonder why he had to specify. What does said mystery man want?

General Hospital rumors claim Austin may have more in common with Franco than simply sharing is appearance. While some GH rumors speculate that Peter August is still alive and could be stalking Maxie in the woods, this seems to be more about Austin than Maxie.

Fans were caught off guard and remain disappointed that Franco has died and Elizabeth Webber’s (Rebecca Herbst) family has been turned upside down. While she’s recovering in Shady Brook, the man who murdered her husband could be lurking. But the big question is why would Peter want anything to do with Austin- unless Austin IS Franco or quite possibly he his twin.

General Hospital Spoilers: Elizabeth Needs Psychiatric Help Away From Home, Is Rebecca Herbst Leaving GH?

After months and months is speculation, Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst), her sons, and Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton), have finally figured out that the one who has been “haunting” Liz is none other than Liz, herself.

Elizabeth was convinced that her late husband Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) was communicating with her from beyond. With the helps of psychic medium, Chelsea, Liz was certain that Franco was responsible for all the unexplainable things happening Aron d her home. Cameron Webber (William Lipton) was the one who found his mom in a trance, which lead to the realization that it’s been her all along.

General Hospital spoilers and previews indicate Liz is going to need some psychiatric help. And from the loons of the recent General Hospital previews, it seems as though she will be sent away to get the help she needs. Will Liz be shipped off to Shadybrook?

General Hospital news reports have not addressed any GH rumors claiming Herbst’s exit. We will keep fans up to date on Rebecca’s status with General Hospital.

General Hospital Spoilers: Liz And Liesl Heartbroken After Finding Out Scotty Is Liz’s Stalker

The death of Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) has left a hole in the hearts Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) and her boys, along with many others who were close to Franco.

Franco’s father Scotty Baldwin (Kin Shriner) took the loss pretty hard, but having Liz to lean on and vice versa, they were both able to comfortably express their grief.

General Hospital rumors have come up with a few speculations on the suspect responsible for stalking Elizabeth with memories of her late husband.

General Hospital spoilers and rumors suggest Jake Webber isn’t ready for his mom to move on with Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) after losing Franco, thus giving him motive to try and come between his mom and her new love interest. GH news reports revealed actress Rebecca Budig had reunited with tv daughter Jophielle Love (Violet Finn), which sparked new GH rumors of Budig’s potential return as Liz’s sister Hayden Barnes. Is Hayden jealous of her sister and Finn? Some GH fans have even questioned whether Elizabeth is stalking herself. No one is out of the realm of possibilities, even Franco’s own father.

General Hospital news reports confirm actor Kin Shriner is leaving his role as Scotty Baldwin after decades playing the goofy, selfish, deviant lawyer.

General Hospital spoilers reveal his involvement in stalking Elizabeth Webber will lead to Scotty’s [Kin] imminent exit form the daytime drama. GH rumors hint that once the truth comes out and Scotty is revealed as Liz’s stalker, she and Liesl Obrecht (Kathleen Gati) will be devastated by his betrayal. GH comings and goings reports confirm Shriner’s departure, however GH spoilers have yet to reveal whether Scotty will leave town or end up dying. Once the one’s he loves turn their backs on him he will have no reason to stay.

General Hospital Spoilers: Budig And Love Reunite, Does Hayden Want Her Sister Moving On With Her Ex?

Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) and Dr. Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) have developed a close relationship while working together at GH along with being there for each other throughout all of Peter August’s (Wes Ramsey) disastrous acts.

Feelings were beginning to develop between Liz and Finn, making the grieving process after losing Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) a little foggy.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Elizabeth pumped the brakes on moving forward into a romantic relationship with Finn after experiencing signs of someone who is clearly not happy about Elizabeth and Finn in. A relationship. Elizabeth is trying to deal with the fact that the talker could very well be her own son Jake and she is unsettled at the thought.

Related to the current storyline involving Finn and Elizabeth, recent General Hospital news and spoilers feature a photo of two GH stars that have reunited. General Hospital spoilers reveal Rebecca Budig (Hayden Barnes) was reunited with her TV daughter Violet Finn (Jophielle Love). In a recent Instagram post, the actress shared a photo of herself with the young GH star, happily reunited.

General Hospital rumors claim Hayden could be on her way back based on the timing of Liz breaking up with her sister’s ex. GH fans have began to try and put the pieces together to figure out who other than Jake, could possibly be stalking Liz. They have thought of anyone from Liz’s past that could possibly not be happy with her moving on with Finn, but what about looking into Finn’s connections?

Is Hayden Barnes stalking Elizabeth because she doesn’t want her sister with her ex?

General Hospital Spoilers: Betsy’s Confession May Not Be What Elizabeth Is Expecting

Betsy Frank kidnapped Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) as a child, robbing his biological father Scotty Baldwin (Kin Shriner) years with his own son. Now that she’s back in town to mourn her son’s death a year later, she has Liz and Scotty on edge.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Betsy has a confession to make to her daughter-in-law. In recent General Hospital previews, Betsy shows up at Liz’s doorstep, telling her she deserves to know the truth. It seems too simple to buy into GH rumors making claims that Betsy is the stalker, but that doesn’t mean that what she has to say will be of any comfort.

GH rumors hint Betsy drops a bomb on Elizabeth but it won’t be what she was expecting. With Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) by her side, Elizabeth is ready to get some answers. Unfortunately, GH spoilers and previews suggest that Liz’s stalker mystery isn’t over yet.