General Hospital News And Spoilers: Executive Producer, Frank Valentini Tweets Announcing Ava’s Days In Port Charles Are Numbered, Maura West Set To Exit GH?

Spencer Cassadine (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) has one main goal, and that is to separate his father, Nikolas Cassadine (Marcus Coloma), from his step mom, Ava Jerome (Maura West). He’s been quite successful in his mission with the help of his sneaky girlfriend, Esme Prince (Avery Kristen Pohl).

Ava Jerome is depending on Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) to take care of her daughter, Avery Corinthos (Ava and Grace Scarola), when she leaves Port Charles indefinitely. Ava is being driven out of town by her “stalker” and is counting on Avery’s step mother, Carly, to watch over her’s and Sonny’s (Maurice Benard) daughter.

General Hospital rumors have been circulating, claiming that Maura West will exit General Hospital since her character Ava, is leaving town. GH fans worry this rumor will reign true after a shocking tweet from Executive Producer, Frank Valentini.

On September 13th, Valentini teased fans with what’s ahead with a tweet that reads, “Ava’s days are numbered in Port Charles- what will her last days be like?”

This shocking General Hospital news regarding Ava’s last days have fans scrambling with worry over Maura West’s status with the soap opera.

General Hospital comings and going’s reports have not confirmed West’s exit, and it’s possible that Frank Valentini‘s tweet was simply a teaser for the character’s next move which has been set in motion by Spencer.

General Hospital Blog will keep fans up to date on any GH news regarding the confirmation of Maura’s future on General Hospital.

Silas Clay May Not be Returning to GH, Find Out the Big Twist

StephenClayThis week, GH’s Executive Producer, Frank Valentini made a HUGE announcement via social media. Frank and Michael Easton made a Vimeo short video, of Frank asking Michael to come back to General Hospital… Easton was quick to say yes.
However, although the majority of GH fans are ecstatic to learn this news and cannot wait for his return to General Hospital, some fans have been making noise about another character being brought back from the dead. Fans were quick to assume that because Michael Easton was returning to General Hospital, Silas Clay would be returning to Port Charles. It looks as though that may not be the case. TPTB over at General Hospital are keeping fans on their toes this coming Fan February.

Things may not be exactly as they seem…
Silas had a twin brother whose history went way back to General Hospital’s spin-off called Port Charles. When Michael Easton had to be re-introduced to GH, leaving the OLTL icon, John McBain behind, GH never really did tie up those loose ends with Clay’s evil twin, Stephen.

Who do you think Michael Easton will play when he makes his return to GH this February? Will he come back from the dead as Kiki’s father, Silas, her uncle Stephen, or someone new entirely?

We want to know what you think! Share with your fellow GH fan friends and comment to let us know who you think Easton will be playing.



General Hospital Spoilers: Emma Samms Returning to General Hospital

Earlier this afternoon we reported that General Hospital Executive Producer, Frank Valentini had a big GH casting announcement. Well, Valentini teased fans with his cryptic tweet, but now the secret is out!
Saying goodbye to Luke Spencer is going to be the big GH Summer event, if not the biggest GH story in decades. Sending off a legend requires much of the supporting cast.
General Hospital spoilers reveal that GH fan favorite, Emma Samms will be returning to General Hospital as friend, and once lover of Luke Spencer, Holly Sutton. Along with their son Ethan Lovett, Holly will be in Port Charles during the time of Luke’s send-off.
Check out Valentini’s tweet that revealed the good news to fans!

General Hospital Spoilers: HUGE Bombshell is Dropped on Sam

For many weeks, General Hospital rumors have been circulating, claiming that Jake will finally be revealed as Jason Morgan during this year’s Nurses Ball, only after Patrick proposes to Sam. Something bug is definitely going to go down and it happens to drop right in Sam’s lap.

General Hospital’s Executive Producer, Frank Valentini revealed a GH spoiler via twitter, stating that a huge bombshell drops in Sam’s lap.What will Sam do with this shocking news?

Will Sam find out Jake is Jason right after saying yes to marrying Patrick? Don’t miss a minute of this year’s Nurses Ball to find out!


General Hospital News: Confirmed! Tony Geary and Genie Francis Reunite!

This weekend marks the 42nd annual Daytime Emmy Award celebration, which will be held at the Universal Hilton in Las Angeles, California. The Emmy Award ceremony, presented by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS) will be televised on the Pop TV channel on Sunday, April 26th.
The legendary daytime TV super couple is about to be together again. General Hospital’s Executive Producer, Frank Valentini, confirmed via Twitter that soap icons Tony Geary (Luke Spencer) will reunite with long time friend and TV love, Genie Francis (Laura Spencer) at this Sunday’s Daytime Emmy Awards.
Don’t miss the excitement! Tune into the PopTV Channel on SUnday, April 26th at 8PM Standard.

Frank Valentini Tweets BIG Surprise Guest At Daytime Emmy Awards

This year marks the 42nd annual Daytime Emmy Awards, and unlike the recent past, this year the event will be televised. The PopTV channel will be broadcasting the event this coming Sunday. General Hospital leads the award show with having the most nominations, including Outstanding Drama Series, and many more.

In a General Hospital spoiler via twitter, General Hospital’s Executive Producer announced, “You won’t believe who’s showing up on Sunday at the Daytime Emmys on PopTV.” Check out his tweet below!

General Hospital Spoilers: Major Couple is Torn Apart

General Hospital’s Executive Producer, Frank Valentini loves to use social media to keep fans informed and at the edge of their seats. If you have a twitter account, following Valentini will let you in on some of the best General Hospital spoilers! Although he doesn’t reveal more than is necessary, Frank Valentini’s tweets regarding upcoming episodes, plot twists, shocking story lines and more can be found regularly on your twitter feed.

Last week via twitter, Valentini revealed a new General Hospital spoiler involving a major couple. It looks as though a fan favorite duo will soon experience turmoil and will be torn apart. Recent General Hospital spoilers have leaked that Lulu’s new found cousin, Valerie Spencer (Brytni Sarpy) will need a shoulder to cry on. GH rumors have been circulating, considering a shocking twist for the happy Falconeri family. Will Dante sleep with Lulu’s cousin, Valerie? That’s the word out on the street anyways. Dante has always been 100% devoted to Lulu, they are a down to Earth, loving, married couple with an adorable child. If these GH spoilers and rumors are true, what could possibly be going through Dante’s head to make him sleep with another woman?

Frank Valentini’s tweet could very well be referring to any major GH couple such as Maxie and Spinelli, Maxie and Nathan, Sonny and Carly… but to coincide with the recent rumors that Dante will sleep with Valerie, it’s definitely a possibility. What do the fans think? Do you think Dante and Lulu need a little shaking up, or do you admire their loyalty and devotion to each other and their family?

General Hospital Spoilers: Elizabeth’s Family Will Grow

Elizabeth Webber fans are about to get really excited because this General Hospital spoiler could have many different outcomes. Straight from the horses mouth, fans are now aware that in the next few months, we will see more Webbers… this could mean that Liz may get pregnant, long lost relatives like Sarah Webber could be headed back to Port Charles, or even Liz’s father.

Liason (Liz and Jason) fans have jumped to the conclusion that this particular spoilers could mean that Elizabeth becomes pregnant -with Jake’s (Jason) child.

Liric (Liz and Ric) fans have been tossing around the GH rumor that Liz could also get pregnant with Ric’s baby, since his latest scheme to get Jake away from Liz by hiring a fake wife seems to be going according to plan, for now.

Fans have also been wondering if we will see more of Elizabeth Webber’s history, including her dad.

General Hospital spoiler confirmation: In an #AskGH twitter chat, Executive Producer, Frank Valentini responded to a fan. In his response he tells fans that Liz’s family will grow this Summer.

Check out Frank Valentini’s tweeet!

How do you think this story with Elizabeth will play out over Summer? Would you like to see her have another baby? Does the possibility of Sarah Webber returning peak your interest? Perhaps Liz’s father has some business in Port Charles. GH Blog will keep fans updated on the latest General Hospital spoilers and developments to story lines. Keep checking back with us!

General Hospital News: Rebecca Budig, GH’s New Robin Scorpio Drake?

Early this month General Hospital Blog reported that All My Children Alum, Rebecca Budig, (Greenlee Smythe) would be joining the cast of General Hospital. Loyal ABC soap fans went wild with this exciting news, as they celebrated the news of this casting decision.

When AMC went off the air, there was much disappointment and fans felt the loss of both AMC and OLTL. OLTL fans were fortunate to be able to catch their favorite stars (Roger Howarth, Kristen Alderson, and Michael Easton) join the cast of General Hospital. Now that Rebecca will be joining GH, AMC fans have something to celebrate.

However this good news does not come without controversy. New General Hospital rumors have been circulating in regard to who Budig will be playing when she arrives in Port Charles. After Executive Producer, Frank Valentini tweeted that Budig will join GH in a “killer new role” most fans took those words literally, and speculated that she would be playing another GH villain. Now that the dust has settled and fans have gotten used to the news of her coming to PC, it can’t help but to cross everyone’s minds…

GH rumor has it that Rebecca Budig will be replacing Kimberly McCullough as the icon Robin Scorpio Drake. McCullough joined General Hospital at the age of 7, beginning in 1985. Recently, the actress has come and gone in her role as Robin to pursue her directing career. The executives at GH have always left the opportunity open for McCullough to return to the show as long as it was feasible to writer her into the script. Kimberly McCullough has been GH’s sweetheart for decades, and the thought of a Robin recast to fans has been very difficult to take it.

Could these rumors be true? Do you think that the crew over at ABC and General Hospital would recast such a role as the legendary Robin Scorpio Drake? Let us know what you think by leaving your comments below.

General Hospital Spoilers/News: Confirmed! Rebecca Budig Headed To General Hospital!

This is one piece of General Hospital news that has been kept under wraps. Shocking General Hospital spoiler reveals that All My Children’s Rebecca Budig, who played Greenlee Smythe from 1999-2011. She was a fan favorite, and even in her time away from AMC, she was missed tremendously by fans, and the actress returned to Pine Valley to reprise her role.

General Hospital Executive Producer, Frank Valentini revealed via Twitter, that Rebecca Budig will be joining the cast of General Hospital.

Valentini asks fan to join him and Head Writer, Ron Carlivati, in welcoming Ms. Budig to the cast!

Are you excited to see this ABC soap vet back on screen? Let us know what you think of this casting decision.