General Hospital Spoilers: Drew Draws A Line In The Sand, Nina Wants Revenge

Nina Wants Revenge On Drew
Nina Wants Revenge On Drew

Drew Cain (Cameron Mathison) has played with a woman’s heart. In fact, he could quite possibly have lead two women on. Or just so happens that those two women are mother and daughter.

General Hospital recaps recall Drew’s mentality toward Nina after discovering that she’s the one who turned in himself and Carly Spencer (Laura Wright) to the SEC. He wanted nothing more than for Nina to get what’s coming to her for sending him to Pentonville. Then, things changed and one thing led to another. That’s when Drew and Nina began a hate-sex relationship and pursued their desires.

General Hospital rumors hint that Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) may have been more invested in her and Drew’s “connection” than Drew ever was. For him, their relationship was strictly sexual. However, GH rumors hint that it may have been different for Nina. Everything was going along just fine before her daughter Willow Corinthos (Katelyn MacMullen) dropped the bomb about her kiss with Drew.

You could practically see Nina’s face turning green with envy when she heard that Drew kissed Willow. But it looks like she’s not holding Willow accountable for their Fourth of July kiss at all. Instead, she puts the blame solely on Drew. Now, Nina wants revenge on Drew after he kissed her daughter.

General Hospital Spoilers: Anna Goes Soft- Anna Reneges On Plan With Jason

Anna Reneges On Pikeman Plan
Anna Reneges On Pikeman Plan

Anna Devane’s career history makes her a shoe-in for an independent Pikeman investigation. She no longer worked for the WSB, but Anna has collaborated with Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) to get to the bottom of things.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Anna’s too close to the case. First, relationship with Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) served as the perfect tool to get the info that she and Jason so desperately seek. Anna is strong and can work objectively despite her past with the man in question- Valentin. Their love stories complex nature is both helpful and hurtful to Anna and Jason’s goals. Still, Anna was determined to do what needs to be done for the greater good of the investigation.

According to recent General Hospital spoilers and previews, Anna goes soft. She tells Jason that she can’t let Valentin get taken away. Although they shared an intimate evening together, Anna knows where she stands. Well, at least she knew until Charlotte returned home unexpectedly.

Anna Reneges On Pikeman Plan

GH rumors hint that Anna’s reason for reneging on the plan that’s in place to prove that Valentin has taken over for Pikeman. Despite their romantic evening and relationship history, Anna was still determined to do what needs to be done. But GH rumors claim that Anna can’t be the one to help take a father away from his daughter. Now that Charlotte is back home she’s going to need her father. How can Anna knowingly have him taken from her?

General Hospital Spoilers: Willow Comes Clean To Nina

Willow comes clean to Nina
Willow Comes Clean To Nina

General Hospital fans are shocked and appalled after Willow and Drew shared a kiss on the Fourth Of July. Some say that this is their most hated story line in years. On the contrary, some can’t get enough of the characteristically soapy drama.

General Hospital spoilers and rumors tease that Sasha has the dirt on her once best friend, Willow. It’s safe to say that Drew Cain and Mrs. Corinthos’s situation will require all the sudsy lather that Quartermaine money can buy. God knows she’s gonna need it after that liplock with Drew.

The latest General Hospital spoilers and previews reveal that Willow comes clean to Nina about Drew. From the looks of things, Willow’s confession sets Nina off and she goes after Drew. But will mama bear be just as furious with her precious little cheating flower of a daughter as she is with Drew? After all, Willow is a married woman.

Carly Nina and Drew

Moreover, Carly Spencer (Laura Wright) won’t take the news lightly either. But she’s not mad or jealous because she’s so over Drew anyways. GH rumors yeast that Carly is disgusted with Drew. And what about Michael? How will he take the news when he learns that Drew and his wife kissed?

General Hospital News: Breaking! Richard Simmons Has Died

Richard Simmons Has Died
Richard Simmons Has Died

Richard Simmons, who was born Milton Teagle Simmons, rose to stardom when his fitness program gained popularity in the 1980s. He was the epitome of fitness and health, and bundled a book called, Never Say Diet. Additionally, Simmons’s numerous accomplishments served as the foundation for his fame and success.

Aside from his book, Richard Simmons hosted his own fitness classes. Sooner than later, his workouts were on VHS in homes across America. Truthfully, my mom had ALL of the VHS tapes to his Sweatin’ To The Oldies workout program. (Of course I did them with her! 🤣).

Furthermore, Simmons put his skills to good use when he joined the cast of ABC’s General Hospital. In 1979, he was brought onto the canvas as himself. According to General Hospital recaps, it all started with a disco. Eventually, Richard landed a spot as part of the iconic GH Nurses Ball.

Sadly, General Hospital news reports confirms that Richard Simmons has died at the age of 76. Reportedly, Simmons turned 76 one day prior on Friday, July 12th. General Hospital news reports confirm that Simmons’s housekeeper called 911 after she found him unresponsive in his home. Sources state that the fitness legend died of natural causes. Previously, Simmons shared a message via social media about death. Back in March he announced he was dying after a skin cancer diagnosis.

General Hospital Blog remembers Richard and the joy his spirit brought to so many people. Particularly my mother. She enjoyed his workouts and outgoing personality. Please keep Richard and his loved ones in your prayers. Rest in Peace!

General Hospital News And Spoilers: Thiebaud Addresses GH Return- Is Kelly Thiebaud Returning To General Hospital?

Kelly Thiebaud Returning To General Hospital
Kelly Thiebaud Returning To General Hospital

Dr. Britt Westbourne (Kelly Thiebaud) had finally come to terms with her battle with Huntington’s Disease. Also, she was coping with the loss of her love interest, Jason Morgan (Steve Burton). Furthermore, Dr. Westbourne and her mother were closer than ever.

GH recaps recall that Britt and Jason were well on their way to becoming a fan-favorite phenomenon when Burton was let go from the ABC Soap Opera. It took a bit for Dr. Westbourne to cope with his loss, but she was making progress. Then, Britt died tragically and inadvertently as one of the hook killer’s victims. That’s when Thiebaud announced that she was moving to London.

General Hospital news reports confirm that Thiebaud left the daytime drama series in the beginning of 2023. That’s when shortly after, ABC announced Steve Burton’s shocking exit.

Is Kelly Thiebaud Returning To General Hospital

Well, there’s no denying that GH fans received their most desired with when General Hospital brought Steve Burton back to the canvas. Now, general Hospital spoilers indicate that Kelly Thiebaud could live out the same fate. Will Kelly return to GH as Dr. Britt Westbourne? Recent GH news and spoilers indicate that Thiebaud dropped a hint on Instagram.

According to a recent IG comment, Kelly tells her fans that she has tried to return to General Hospital. At this time it’s unclear whether she was told yes, no, or not now. But “I tried” sounds like Thiebaud approached GH Executives and may have been turned down (for now). Despite the fact that we saw Britt die in her mother’s arms, it’s not uncommon for characters to Soap Opera characters to return from the dead.

Was Britt’s death too concrete to ever bring this character back?

Kelly Thiebaud Addresses GH Return
Kelly Thiebaud Addresses GH Return

General Hospital Spoilers: Is It The Quartermaine Mansion Or The Heartbreak Hotel? Willow Falls For Drew!

Willow Falls For Drew
Willow Falls For Drew

The Quartermaine mansion is home to some of the most influential people of Port Charles. The mansion walls and roof provide shelter for the Q’s, along with extended their extended family and even close friends.

The Quartermaine mansion has seen generations of families as they grow up and bring their spouses to live in the legendary home. Currently, Michael Corinthos (biologically a Quartermaine) lives on the property with his wife Willow (Katelyn MacMullen). Willow, Michael, and their two kids, Wiley and Amelia share the home with immediate and extended family.

Historically, the Q family is known for their scandalous behavior. Whether it’s business or love affair scandals, the Q’s almost always live up to their reputation.

General Hospital spoilers and rumors tease that the Quartermaine Mansion becomes the Heartbreak Hotel when the newest secrets are exposed. Shockingly, a hopelessly devoted Willow kissed Drew Cain (Cameron Mathison). As if Drew wasn’t already wrapped up in a taboo affair with Willow’s mother Nina, now he’s made things even more complicated.

According to General Hospital spoilers and rumors, Willow falls for Drew after their not-so-regrettable kiss. Meanwhile, Willow’s mother Nina romanticizes about Drew. Look out because this love triangle is about to explode!

General Hospital News And Spoilers: Kelly Monaco Visits Tony Geary In Amsterdam

Kelly Monaco Visits Tony Geary
Kelly Monaco Visits Tony Geary In Amsterdam

The General Hospital cast has spent 61 years carrying on the tales of Port Charles. The nature of their work requires early and late call times, and extensive hours spent at the studio.

For many GH stars, Prospect Studios has become a second home. Understandably, the hours spent together on and off set opens the door for developing relationships. Although actors do come and go, many have remained a part of the General Hospital family for the duration of the Soap Opera’s continued existence.

General Hospital news and spoilers reveal that two GH family members have recently reunited. General Hospital legend Tony Geary (Luke Spencer) retired from ABC’s longest running drama series in the Summer of 2015. Almost ten years later, GH’s Sam Morgan decided to go see her dear friend.

According to General Hospital spoilers, the two stars reunite when Kelly Monaco visits Tony Geary in Amsterdam. GH news reports that Monaco spent time with Geary and his husband Claudio Gama.

GH spoilers reveal that Claudio Gama shared pics and videos of Kelly’s recent Amsterdam stay. Take a look at the good times in the pics and video below.

General Hospital Spoilers: What If Heather Goes Free?! Did Laura Bite Off More Than She Can Chew?

Laura Spencer Regrets Helping Heather
Laura Spencer Regrets Helping Heather

Mayor Laura Spencer Collins (Genie Francis) went down the road less traveled. She doesn’t have many supporters now that she is advocating for Heather Webber’s (Alley Mills) freedom.

According to the latest General Hospital previews, Genie Francis shares the screen with Alley Mills when Laura pays Heather a visit. Port Charles is upon arms over the Mayor’s decision to pursue Heather’s metallosis as a way vindicate her from her past crimes. Understandably, Portia Robinson is Laura’s strongest protester because of Heather Webber’s threat to Trina Robinson (Tabyana Ali). Dr. Robinson can’t fathom how Laura could possibly believe that Heather deserves an excuse for what she’s done to so many.

Laura Spencer Regrets Helping Heather

General Hospital spoilers and previews tease that Laura pays Heather a visit. They’ll discuss Heather’s metallosis and her potential freedom. For the most part, the city of Port Charles doesn’t want to see Heather go free. Laura is risking her career as Mayor, sticking her neck out for a murderer.

Will Laura risk her career, as well as her relationships as she takes the nexts steps toward Heather Webber’s freedom? Whether or not Heather knew what she was doing, she still committed heinous crimes. At best, I think she should get to plead insanity. However, setting Heather free is a recipe for disaster.

General Hospital News And Spoilers: GH’s Kin Shriner Undergoes Surgery And Addresses Fans

GH’s Kin Shriner Undergoes Surgery
GH’s Kin Shriner Undergoes Surgery

If you’re a General Hospital fan then you must be very familiar with Port Charles’s spunky attorney, Scott Baldwin. His close family and friends call him Scotty.

General Hospital news reports that Kin Shriner has been known for his GH role since 1977. Although Kin’s time on GH as Scotty was scattered over the years, he remain the reigning actor in the role.

GH’s Kin Shriner Undergoes Surgery

Currently, Kin Shriner is off the canvas, and GH spoilers tease that Scotty is nowhere in sight in Port Charles. According to a recent update, Kin Shriner reveals that he underwent surgery. The iconic daytime actor took to Instagram to address fans on the importance of keeping your body moving after surgery.

We wish Kin all the best and pray for a speedy recover! GH Blog will keep fans up to date on any GH news regarding Shriner’s status with the 61 year old Soap Opera.

General Hospital News And Spoilers: GH’s Kate Mansi Is Engaged! Check Out Her Gorgeous Ring!

GH’s Kate Mansi Is Engaged

It’s always nice to see the stars of GH in their real-life glory. So much drama ensues in the set of General Hospital, so it’s a breath of fresh air when the actors and actresses share stories of their lives.

General Hospital news and spoilers share some seriously exciting news about GH’s Kate Mansi. The Fourth Of July embodies freedom, family, and fireworks. While we celebrate Independence Day, fireworks commemorate GH’s Kristina Corinthos (Kate Mansi) special occasion.

GH’s Kate Mansi Said Yes!

Reportedly, Mansi took to Instagram to make a very special announcement. Flashing her gorgeous ring, the 36 year old actress tells the world her good news. GH’s Kate Mansi is engaged to producer Matt McInnis

Fireworks must’ve gone off when Kate and Matt because these two look like they’re glowing in the photos of them together. Take a look at Kate’s ring as she flashes her bling for IG!

GH ‘s Kate Mansi and fiancé Matt McInnis Engagement
GH’s Kate Mansi and fiancé Matt McInnis Engagement

Congratulations to the happy couple!