Michael Easton to Play Mark Clay on General Hospital

As part of the resolution regarding Michael Easton’s status with GH and OLTL, ABC and General Hospital have decided to bring back Michael Easton to GH. However, due to legal issues, he is unable to play the role of John McBain, which Prospect Park owns the rights to.

Rumor has it that Easton will play the role of a man named Mark Clay. Does that last name sound familiar? Well a few months back we were introduced to a character named Stephen Clay, who looked a lot like McBain and thought he was a Vampire. Stephen Clay (Caleb Morley) lost his wife and had a mental breakdown. He set his sights on Sam, who happens to look exactly like his late wife, Livvie. Mark Clay is said to be Stephen’s brother.

Let us know your thoughts on how this will work and tie in to the previous story with Sam and Stephen Clay/Caleb Morley.

Kristen Alderson as GH’s Serena Baldwin

The latest rumor that has hit the GH grapevine involves KristenĀ AldersonĀ (ex-Starr Manning OLTL and GH). Recently the actress was forced to leave General Hospital due to legal issues with Prospect Park and the rights to her character’s name, Starr Manning. Since the production and upcoming re-launch of One Life to Live, Prospect Park is not allowing General Hospital to use the Starr Manning character name.

ABC and General Hospital have decided they want Kristen Alderson to remain part of GH but are not allowed to keep her in the same role. Thus resulting in having to give the actress a new identity in the fictional town of Port Charles. Rumors suggest that Alderson will now be playing the role of Serena Baldwin, Scotty’s daughter. Serena was born to Scotty and his late wife Dominique in 1993. Lucy Coe was the surrogate during this time, as Dominique was dying from a brain tumor. This news is still in the rumor phase and has not been confirmed.

How do you feel about the character switch up? Comment and let us know!