General Hospital Spoilers: Jonathan Jackson and Tony Geary’s Jaw Dropping Scenes

“Not-to-be-missed like, motion picture-level work. They’re definitely scenes that nobody should miss.” That is what Genie Francis told The Wrap in regard to the scenes that have been filmed between Jonathan Jackson and Tony Geary.

In an interview with The Wrap, General Hospital star Genie Francis discloses her feelings about returning to work, her disappointments, and encourages the audience to make sure they watch this Summer as Luke says goodbye to Port Charles.

Genie Francis reveals that she will be on into the Fall, even after Tony’s exit. She explains that although she wasn’t able to film a one on one interaction with her TV son Lucky Spencer, she did indeed tape scenes with Jackson and Geary.

As far as what the future holds for Laura Spencer, Francis explains that she would love to see her character remarry. She would love for her to find happiness again at her age, and Genie believes that women her age would related to that type of story line.

For the full interview with Genie Francis, please visit The Wrap.

General Hospital Moment of the Day: Lucky Has Been Kidnapped

ABC’s General Hospital always has something to keep us at the edge of our seats. Many times, ABC likes to recap what they have declared the “moment of the day” for the most recent episode. There is no doubt that in yesterday’s thrilling episode of GH, the moment of the say revolved around ¬†what Luke and Laura disclosed to Lulu and Dillon.

Luke and Laura were forced to go to extreme measures in order to protect their son, Lucky. The secret has been revealed, the real reason Laura is in town is so that she and Luke can go on an adventure to save their son. Unfortunately, the two have to deceive those around them, especially Tracy, to try and accomplish this rescue.

Will Lulu and Dillon have to watch Tracy grieve with a broken heart over Luke while they know the truth, or will they tell her the truth to ease her tortured heart?

Jonathan Jackson is set to return to General Hospital along with Nathan Parsons, (Ethan Lovett), and Emma Samms (Holly Sutton), for this Summer’s sizzling GH story line.


General Hospital Spoilers: Laura Returns to PC, Will Nik Lie to His Mother?

Nikolas Cassadaine is mostly known as being a Cassadine. Although we are all well aware that he is equally a Vining/Webber, as he is the son of Laura Spencer. We tend to forget sometimes, due to the fact that Laura has been off the canvas for so long, that Nikolas isn’t only made up of Cassadine blood, especially lately. Nikolas Cassadine has always been the outast, along with his aunt, Natasha, or, Alexis Davis. The two non-Cassadine-like Cassadines carry the family name but they typically do not act the part. As of recent behavior, Nik is really starting to live up to his title, Prince of Darkness. In the past few months Nik has engaged in some questionable activity and unthinkable behavior. The Nikolas Cassadine, son of Laura Spencer would never even come close to doing the things Nikolas is responsible for. He was always a good man, with a good heart, looking out for his family and friends, the love of his life, Emily, and setting an example for his sister, Lulu.
Laura Spencer is back in town, and with his mother in close vicinity, will Nikolas be able to hide what he has done? Nikolas has tampered with votes to an election, he has lied about the identity of a man that is close to many people he loves, and the worst yet, he has hired a hit man to off a woman just to keep his secrets from getting out.

The General Hospital spoiler photo above, from Entertainment Weekly, shows Laura and her son Nikolas in what looks to be a deep conversation. Is Nikolas ready to come clean for all the wrong he has done in the recent past, or will he lie to his own mother just to keep his good reputation?

What role will Laura play in how Nikolas handles the net series of events? Do you think that some good motherly advice could sway this dark Prince back into the light?

General Hospital Ins and Outs and Summer Recast!

There will be a lot of characters walking in and out of Port Charles this Summer on General Hospital. General Hospital Blog has previously reported that Jeffrey Vincent Parise (Carlos Rivera) is OUT, and it doesn’t look like he will be returning. Sean Blakemore is also on his way out at GH as Sonny’s enforcer, Shawn Butler. In the midst of his legal troubles, and baby mama drama with Jordan (Vinessa Antoine), Shawn will be leaving Port Charles, will he take his son TJ with him?

Finola Hughes will be off for the Summer as Anna Devane will leave Port Charles since the death of Duke Lavery (Ian Buchanan). Ian Buchanan has been out at GH since early May.

Lisa LoCicero will be on maternity leave for the majority of this Summer. Olivia and Ned will exit PC, as Wally Kurth has landed a role on Days of Our Lives.

Tony Geary is set to return to GH this Summer so that Luke Spencer can say goodbye to his loved ones in Port Charles. Geary is retiring for good, but we have good news that has confirmed Genie Francis will return as Laura Spencer for Geary’s exit. GH rumors have speculated that more GH alum will be returning to the canvas for Luke’s big goodbye. Jonathan Jackson who has played Lucky Spencer on GH, is currently on ABC’s Nashville. While Nashville is on Summer hiatus, it is highly possible that we will see Lucky return to Port Charles to see his dad, Luke, off.

General Hospital rumors have teased with one particular possibility for quite a while. Fans have been up in arms when it comes to Robin Scorpio Drake. Some want her back, some want her to stay gone, and others are willing to accept a recast. Although a recast of a fan favorite has been done in the past (Billy Miller taking Stave Burton’s place as Jason Morgan), it’s highly unlikely that Kimberly McCullough, who originated the character Robin will be recast. McCullough’s status with General Hospital remains unknown. However, there are a couple other possibilities for a Summer recast. Some claim that bringing Liz Webber’s sister, Sarah back to Port Charles is in the works, and since ABC’s fan February contest, social media has been buzzing that Serena Baldwin will make a return.

General Hospital Spoilers: Genie Francis Returns to General Hospital

General Hospital Blog has extremely exciting news for fans! Recently, at the 42nd Annual Daytime Emmy Awards, GH legends Tony Geary (Luke Spencer) and Genie Francis (Laura Spencer), were reunited on stage. Fans were overjoyed at the mere presence of the two of them together again.

General Hospital spoilers confirm that the beautiful, iconic, fan favorite, Genie Francis will be returning to General Hospital! GH’s Executive Producer, Frank Valentini has made confirmation of the GH news via Twitter. Take a look at his twitter announcement to fans.