General Hospital News: GH Debuts Sneak Peek Of Poolside Set At The Metrocourt

The Quartermaine mansion, The Corinthos family home, Maxie’s (Kirsten Storms) apartment, The Savoy, Kelly’s, and General Hospital itself are just a few of the main sets we as GH fans see, and that have become staples around Port Charles.

Every now and then, General Hospital will redecorate a set or two, or introduce an entirely new set.

According to TV Insider, General Hospital news and spoilers reveal, Executive Producer, Frank Valentini has made an announcement regarding the latest set change on General Hospital.
GH is very excited to announce the opening of The Metro Court Pool and Spa — the place to see and be seen this summer for all the heat and drama.”

Under the direction of Frank Valentini, set designers Jennifer Elliot and Andrew Evashchen were to make the poolside set as realistic as possible. Valentini wanted the actors to be able to actually get into the pool, which required the design of the pool to be made deeper than normal for a TV set. Evashchen told TV Insider, “It’s about three feet deep,” this allows for the set to look more believable which was Valentini’s main goal.

Evashchen disclosed some intricate details to building the set, “We lined [the water tanks] with a certain material that’s like a bed liner for trucks. It works really well for pools. It’s durable and watertight. We chose a specific blue that Frank really liked and had the pool sprayed and sealed in that color.”

GH’s Eden McCoy had great things to say about the new set, as she has filmed some scenes poolside, along with co-star William Lipton. Josslyn and Cam will be spending time there in this Summer heat. McCoy told TV Insider, “It’s so much fun to work in this set, “I haven’t gone fully into the pool yet, but they keep it warm for us. It feels different taping in this set, very relaxed. Shawn Reeves (Wardrobe) has been styling us with these cute bathing suits and new wardrobe. McCoy also disclosed that this set will be around for quite a while since they have already begun filming episodes that will air in September, and the set is still being used.

General Hospital spoilers reveal the set will be unveiled on the Thursday, July 15th episode of GH.

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