General Hospital News and Spoilers: Steve Burton Sets Record Straight On GH Return Rumors

Steve Burton Sets Record Straight On GH Return Rumors
Steve Burton Sets Record Straight On GH Return

We have been so excited about Steve Burton’s GH return that we dove right into the when and the how. Earlier this week, GH Blog shared Steve’s big announcement regarding Jason Morgan. Burton revealed that his on-screen air date is March 4th, 2024. With less that a month left, General Hospital fans speculated about how Jason makes his return.

According to General Hospital rumors, A few theories about Jason’s new storyline float around social media. In a recent podcast episode with friend Bradford Anderson, Steve Burton sets the record straight on GH return rumors. Meaning, a vast majority of fans believe that Jason’s return will go down a certain way. But Steve makes it clear that the way fans think it will play out isn’t how it actually unfolds.

Instead, expect the unexpected. According to recent General Hospital spoilers and rumors, Steve Burton revealed a major GH spoiler on the Daily Drama podcast. Amidst all of the excitement, Burton and Anderson discuss the what ifs when it comes to Jason Morgan’s big comeback. When it comes to the recent GH rumors, Burton shuts them down.

“Stay tuned because they’ve been laying some breadcrumbs right now along the way, and I know what the majority of people think – and it ain’t that!” Burton revealed during the Daily Drama podcast. I guess we will leave this up to imagination. There’s less than a month to go!

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