General Hospital News And Spoilers: Bryan Craig Shocks Fans With GH Return Teaser!

Bryan Craig Teases GH Return
Bryan Craig Teases GH Return

Do you remember when life was simple, and we could still refer to one of the most popular social media planforms out there as Twitter? Well, those days are gone and now we have X.

Despite its name change, X is still the place to be for TV fans to get the latest information on their favorite shows and actors. Of course, X offers a lot to various interests as well. Regardless of the name, GH fans flock to X to stay in the know.

General Hospital news reports confirm that General Hospital star Bryan Craig used the platform to tease GH fans. Recently, the buzz around the GH fandom hints that a major character return is on its way.

Bryan Craig Teases GH Return Amidst Major Character Return Rumors


General Hospital spoilers reveal that a big time return is in the works. According to X, Bryan Craig replied to a post by ABC Soaps In Depth, implying that he will return to GH as Morgan Corinthos. Morgan died in a car bomb that was meant for Julian Jerome (William deVry) in 2018.

What do you think? Could Brian Craig’s X reply indicate his upcoming GH return?

General Hospital Spoilers: Is Sonny Heading Out Of Port Charles? He’s Willing To Give Up Everything For Kristina

Sonny Leaves Town For Kristina
Sonny Leaves Town For Kristina

Kristina Corinthos (Kate Mansi) was once daddy’s little girl. Until very recently she and Sonny were thick as thieves. He continues to support his daughter in every aspect of life, but her feelings have changed. Kristina was Sonny’s number one fan. Sadly, daddy’s girl’s world came crashing down when she witnessed her mobster father as he beat the crap out of Dex Heller (Evan Hofer).

General Hospital recaps recall that in addition to the @$$ handing Dex received, Sonny threatened to shoot him and Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) in the head. Stunned, Kristina stood inert as Jason put himself at risk to diffuse the situation. The scene left lasting affliction and Kristina questions if she knows her dad at all.

Sonny Leaves Town For Kristina

According to General Hospital spoilers and previews, Sonny will do anything to hold onto Kristina. He fears that he’s lost her after his violent outburst. Evidently, the latest GH previews indicate that Sonny makes Kristina an offer. Since he can’t take back what he’s done, Sonny goes to extremes to make things right. GH spoilers tease that Sonny offers to leave Port Charles, never to return again.

Will Kristina take Sonny up on his offer to get out of town? Will that bring peace to the mobster’s pregnant daughter?