GH Spoilers: What’s Paul Hornsby Really Up To?

PaulHornsbyAfter months of being convinced that the new Port Charles DA, Paul Hornsby (Richard Burgi), was a slime ball, this week was a shock to the GH audience when he revealed to Anna DeVane (Finola Hughes) that he needs her help and has been working under cover.

He played the emotion card with Anna, trying to relate to her in regard to why he killed Agent Sloan. As Anna (thought to have) killed Carlos Rivera to avenge Duke Lavery’s death, DA Hornsby claims he had to kill Agent Kyle Sloan to protect his daughter from Sloan’s abuse. At first Anna didn’t buy it, and neither did fans. However, his speech to Anna in the interrogation room got us all thinking… Are you convinced?

GH’s Executive Producer, Frank Valentini has tweeted a possible spoiler regarding what is really going on with DA Paul Hornsby.

He tweeted, “What’s he really up to??” enclosed with a photo of Paul Hornsby’s DA name plate.

We want to know, what do fans think of this? Is Paul telling Anna thr truth or is this just another one of his under handed, sleezy, schemes?

Photo from: Michael Fairman Soaps


Silas Clay May Not be Returning to GH, Find Out the Big Twist

StephenClayThis week, GH’s Executive Producer, Frank Valentini made a HUGE announcement via social media. Frank and Michael Easton made a Vimeo short video, of Frank asking Michael to come back to General Hospital… Easton was quick to say yes.
However, although the majority of GH fans are ecstatic to learn this news and cannot wait for his return to General Hospital, some fans have been making noise about another character being brought back from the dead. Fans were quick to assume that because Michael Easton was returning to General Hospital, Silas Clay would be returning to Port Charles. It looks as though that may not be the case. TPTB over at General Hospital are keeping fans on their toes this coming Fan February.

Things may not be exactly as they seem…
Silas had a twin brother whose history went way back to General Hospital’s spin-off called Port Charles. When Michael Easton had to be re-introduced to GH, leaving the OLTL icon, John McBain behind, GH never really did tie up those loose ends with Clay’s evil twin, Stephen.

Who do you think Michael Easton will play when he makes his return to GH this February? Will he come back from the dead as Kiki’s father, Silas, her uncle Stephen, or someone new entirely?

We want to know what you think! Share with your fellow GH fan friends and comment to let us know who you think Easton will be playing.