General Hospital News: See What Maurice Benard Misses During Lockdown, It’s The Little Things

This global pandemic has taught the people of our nation and even the world some hard lessons. A great takeaway from this whole situation is that almost everyone can say they miss the little things in life. Things that we have previously taken for granted, such as material things, services, or acts we enjoy, are a luxury to some, convenience to most, but also can be a necessity. Something as simple as a haircut or getting your hair blown out and styled by another human can really make a difference.
In a recent Instagram post, General Hospital’s, Maurice Benard, aka, Sonny Corinthos, displayed a video of his hairdresser and friend over at GH giving his hair a blow out.
In the caption, Benard writes, “Do you know how bad I want to get my hair blowdryed by my friend @hairby_anzhela

What do you miss most about your daily life you may have taken for granted?