General Hospital News: Haley Pullos Sentenced To Jail

General Hospital’s Molly Haley Pullos sentenced to jail
General Hospital’s Haley Pullos Sentenced To Jail

Reports of GH’s star’s ongoing situation began back in May of 2023. On May 17th, it was reported that the then 24 year old Haley Pullos was arrested for a DUI. General Hospital’s Molly Lansing Davis Ashford was going the wrong way on a California freeway when she hit another vehicle on the opposite side. Alcohol and marijuana play a role in the tragic event.

General Hospital News And Spoilers: BREAKING! Haley Pullos Arrested For DUI, Things Get Violent During GH Star’s Car Accident And Rescue

According to People.com, Pullos was set to be sentenced this upcoming July. Instead, the General Hospital star won’t have to wait that long for sentencing. A statement from Pullos’s lawyer, Mark Daniel Melnick informs fans that Haley surrendered to 90 days in jail on Monday, April 29th. Additionally, the 25 year old will serve a 5 year probation with 200 community service hours, along with having to pay $8,260 to the victim, Courteney Wilder.

General Hospital’s Haley Pullos sentenced to jail
Haley Pullos Photo Credit: US Sun

Pullos’s lawyer spoke on her behalf about the outcome. “Haley is very grateful to the court for a minimum sentence and for recognizing her remorse and the strides she has made in her sobriety,” Melnick noted.

GH Comings and Goings

The 61 year old daytime Soap Opera has recast Pullo’s role. Reports say three actresses were hired but none seemed to fit the part. Finally, General Hospital found Port Charles’s new “Molly.” Kristen Vaganos has been cast as Attorney Molly Lansing Davis Ashford.

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General Hospital Spoilers: This Isn’t Pentonville- Haley Pullos Faces 6 Years In Prison With Multiple Charges (New Details Inside)

Haley Pullos faces 6 years in prison Molly Lansing Davis

Haley Pullos faces 6 years in prison! Reportedly, General Hospital’s Haley Pullos deals with the aftermath of her April 29th car crash. Pullos (24) was driving the wrong way on a California highway when she crashed into the median, involving another vehicle. Upon arrival, the first responders found alcohol and marijuana among the actress’s possessions. As a result, she was arrested and is now facing charges. Moreover, she’s being sued by the other driver, Courtney Wilder for damages.

Meanwhile, new details paint a cleerwe picture. General Hospital news and spoilers report disheartening details from Haley Pullos’s April 29th arrest. According to sources, additional details about the scene emerged. Supposedly, new allegations against Pullos include aggravated assault and misconduct involving hwe behavior with hospital staff. The original charges against GH’s Molly Lansing Davis include 2 felony counts and 1 misdemeanor. For the full story, CLICK HERE.

Haley Pullos Faces 6 Years in Prison

GH spoilers and rumors suggest that Haley’s crimes plus her behavior toward first responser and hospital staff could land her 3-6 years in prison. Unfortunately, this isn’t Port Charles, and it sure as Hell isn’t Pentonville. Moreover, there are new developments in the Emmy nominated actress’s case. According to sources close to a legal rep, Pullos is accused of striking a fireman at the scene. In addition, GH rumors claim that sources say Haley was aggressive toward hospital staff, and was given a sedative to calm her aggressive behavior.

General Hospital News and Spoilers: New Developments Reveal Haley Pullos’s Plea, Actress Faces Lawsuit

Haley Pullos’s felony charges

New developments surrounding Haley Pullos’s felony charges surface! …General Hospital star Haley Pullos portrays the bright, caring, and strong willed, Molly Lansing Davis. Back in April, the 24 year old actress was involved in a shocking incident involving drugs and alcohol. Now, entertainment news reports and GH news and spoilers reveal the latest developments.

New Developments In Haley Pullos’s Felony Charges Surface

General Hospital news reports confirm some new developments surrounding Haley’s April 29th arrest. GH’s Molly was involved in a horrific car crash and was arrested at the scene. According to the latest GH news and spoilers, reports reveal that Pullos pleads NOT GUILTY on 2 felony charges, as well as 1 misdemeanor. Details of the chargers involve her blood alcohol level (1 felony count), the injury caused (1 felony count), and the fact that she left the scene (1 misdemeanor count).

Since the ordeal, Pullos was seen on her way to a rehab facility. She was spotted while sitting passenger as her father drove. Meanwhile, Holiday Mia Kriegel replaced Haley Pullos in her current General Hospital role. As Pullos awaits her preliminary hearing next month, Molly’s life in Port Charles must go on.

Moreover, although there were no fatalities, the accident’s severe nature brings about serious consequences. Now, Haley is also facing a lawsuit. Courtney Wilder was driving the other vehicle and was in critical condition upon this hospital arrival. He is now suing Pullos.

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