There’s a Fire At Wyndemere, Who Gets Caught in the Blaze?

Spencer’s birthday party is a big production for such a little Prince. But that Prince has a big personality! After an argument over the ladies, Cameron decided to leave Spencer’s party with Josslyn, and Spencer was a shoulder for Emma to lean on. The young little love birds share a dance after the relationship drama dust has settled.

Spencer and Emma are in danger as Wyndemere becomes engulfed in flames. Their dad’s come to their resuce, and Nikolas and Patrick ar enow at risk. Who will get caught in the blaze? Will Nikolas and Patrick be able to save Spencer and Emma before it’s too late?

General Hospital rumors speculate that not everyone gets out unscathed. Nik might be the one getting hurt in the fire, and won’t be able to tell the truth about Jake’s true identity.

What do you think will happen? Will everyone get out of the fire alright?