General Hospital Spoilers: Harmony Knows Something They Don’t Know, Nina’s Secret Past Exposed!

Harmony exposes Nina’s past
Harmony exposes Nina’s past

Harmony Miller (Inga Cadranel) was no model citizen or even a good parent. Sure, she wasn’t a total monster of a mother. But her’s and Willow’s relationship was far from your typical mother-daughter bond. In fact, Willow didn’t even know that Harmony wasn’t her biological mother. Therefore, her home life was based on a lie. But Willow and Harmony loved each other in their own way.

Clearly, Harmony loves and cares deeply about the only daughter she’s ever known. Despite how things went down over the years, Harmony feels the need to protect Willow, even from beyond the grave. That’s when she came to her daughter in dream.

Nina Harmony Phyllis

Despite all of Harmony’s shortcomings as a mother, she still finds it necessary to keep Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) from Willow. Is Harmony just the worst kind of hypocrite? Or does she know something about Nina that’s so dark it makes Harmony look like Mother-of-the-Year?

Since Harmony’s warning, General Hospital rumors regarding Nina Reeves have spread across social media platforms. Reportedly, the majority of GH fans believe that Harmony’s warning is definitely about Nina. That’s why Nina becomes unsettled when Willow confides in her about her dream. See, Nina and Harmony have past that not many know about.

Harmony and Nina GH

According to GH spoilers, Harmony’s warning is the beginning of Nina’s fallout. Although Harmony may not be the one to specifically expose Nina, it’s possible that she’s provided enough information to get this party started. Is Willow’s dream the thread that’s pulled just before everything unravels?