General Hospital Rumors: Kiki Skips Town

Kiki Jerome has made it very apparent that she doesn’t really wan to lose her baby sister, Avery to Sonny Corinthos. Now that Sonny has been pardoned and is free, he as we know it is Avery’s biological father. Since Ava Jerome is presumed dead, legally, Avery should live with Sonny. Kiki is uneasy about giving her to Sonny, due to his criminal background, and the doubt in her mind that he actually tried to save Ava.

General Hospital spoilers have led to the question of how the writers will transition the role of Kiki Jerome from Kristen Alderson to Kiki’s recast, actress Hayley Erin. General Hospital rumors have been floating around that Kiki will actually skip town with baby Avery and when she returns to Port Charles, Kristen Alderson will be replaced with the new Kiki Jerome, Hayley Erin.

Do you think these General Hospital rumors are true and Kiki will run off with her baby sister just to keep her away from Sonny? Comment below and let us know what you think!