General Hospital Spoilers: Ryan’s Reign Of Terror Continues, Heather and Ryan Ran Wild As Hazel and Richie

Ryan’s reign of terror continues
Ryan’s reign of terror continues

All Hail the wicked Ryan Chamberlain is dead! Less than a year ago, Ryan Chamberlain was stopped for good when he finally met his demise. He tortured killed stocked, kidnapped, and whatever else you can think of for decades. Ultimately, poetic justice was served when Mac Scorpio (John J. York) pulled the trigger that finally killed Ryan Chamberlain.

For a while Ryan had a little prodigy. His daughter Esme had a strong desire to make him proud. And in making him proud, that meant that Esme would do anything her father asked. But since Ryan’s glory days of having Esme carry out his dirty work, his daughter has done a complete 180.° GH recaps highlight Esme’s fateful fall from the Wyndemere parapet, resulting in amnesia. Now, the once teen psychopath is now a single mom doing the honest work to make a life for herself and her baby.

Fast forward and Ace’s mom no longer desires to terrorize anyone- especially her babies family. General Hospital spoilers and rumors hint that Esme’s feelings for Spencer Cassadine (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) are real, and her admiration for Ace’s great-grandmother Laura Spencer Collins (Genie Francis) is genuine. Moreover, Ryan is dead and Heather Webber (Alley Mills) is locked up.

Ryan’s Reign Of Terror Continues, His Past As Richie Comes To Light

But what if Ryan’s reign of terror lives on? GH rumors suggest that a shocking twist awaits. Just as the people of Port Charles thought they were safe from Ryan and his psycho family, they’re met with more disaster. Currently, his daughter Esme Prince wants nothing to do with making ryan proud, but GH rumors tease that another young woman could carry on with Ryan’s ways after his death.

According to GH spoilers and rumors, Ryan’s reign of terror continues with Betty Rutherford. As fans speculate Betty’s significance, GH rumors swirl around Betty and Esme having been separated at birth. The latest buzz around Port Charles suggests that Betty framed Ava for Austin’s murder. Allegedly, Betty has personal reasons to see Ava squirm.

Last year, Heather and Ryan dropped some hints regarding their sketchy past. It sounds like she even called him by a different name. One visit at Spring Ridge divulged significant information about their post likes and false identities. It’s apparent that Heather and Ryan did a lot of scheming in order to commit even more crimes. But the real question is, What crimes Richie and Hazel commit back then? GH rumors hint that odds are it has something to do with Esme… and Betty!

General Hospital Spoilers: Ryan And Heather Reveal Esme Is A Twin- Not One, But Two!

Ryan and Heather Esme’s parents Esme is a twin

Esme is a twin! Just when we thought we had it all figured out, General Hospital spoilers drop a major bombshell!

Esme Prince’s (Avery Kristen Pohl) mother’s identity has been in question ever since it was revealed that Ryan Chamberlain (Jon Lindstrom) is her father. Like father like daughter, Ryan and Esme have met their match in each other.

General Hospital previews and spoilers tease the amount of certifiable crazy in Esme’s biological makeup just doubled. Heather Webber and Ryan Chamberlain couldn’t break glare when they came face to face. Their locked stare revealed an unexpected connection to their past. General Hospital recaps recall Heather’s disturbing dialogue as she calls Ryan’s bluff. Their conversation revealed they are former lovers and Heather was pregnant with his child.

General Hospital rumors speculate the identity of Esme’s mother was revealed when Heather and Ryan discussed their past love life. GH spoilers tease Esme is Ryan and Heather’s child, however, it doesn’t end there. The plot thickens after Ryan dropped a major hint, twisting the plot even tighter. GH spoilers and rumors speculate Esme is a twin! Heather acknowledged her past mistakes and admitted she owes Ryan “one.” Although vague and cryptic, Ryan corrected his ex lover and reminded her that she owes him “two.”

We can’t help but think Ryan is referring to how Heather left him with not one, but two children when she walked out!