General Hospital Spoilers: Heather The Hook Or Copycat Killer?

Heather the hook killer Heather Webber copycat killer

Is Heather the hook killer or copycat? A serial killer has been identified! After months of mysterious attacks threatened the lives of innocent people in Port Charles, the infamous hook killer was unmasked.

Often times authorities find that the deep rooted issues of serial killers include an extreme desire for attention and popularity. Instilling fear in a community is their way of creating mass media attention, and sometimes even a strange form of flattery. Copycat killers come out of the woodwork as a result of the attention and frenzy that comes along with the mystery and fear by the killer.

In a shocking episode of General Hospital, General Hospital spoilers finally revealed who’s under the hook killer’s mask. After months in the making, the hook killer’s identity was unveiled. GH fans anxiously awaited the moment of truth. However, many are let down by the almost anticlimactic revelation.

Is Heather the real deal or a copycat killer?

Heather Webber’s history with mental illness and crime landed her in a high security institution. Her ability to sneak out somehow placed her in Spring Ridge with her creepy counterpart, Ryan Chamberlain. Moreover, Heather somehow finagles her way in and out of whatever facility she’s being held in at the time. Based on the recent turn in the hook killer mystery, the people of Port Charles are soon to find out about Heather.

General Hospital rumors regarding Esme Prince’s (Avery Kristen Pohl) parents bring about logical questions. Is Heather really Esme’s mother, and is Ryan really her father? If so, is Heather trying to avenge her daughter by harming her enemies? 

GH rumors hint there is more than meets the eye in the hook killer saga. Heather Webber is known for her attention seeking acts of lunacy, which fits the prototype of a serial killer. But, the likelihood of her being able to sneak in and out of multiple institutions more than a few times has fans skeptical. Heather is crazy but is she really capable of all of this? General Hospital spoilers and rumors claim the mystery isn’t over just yet. Is Heather the real deal or a copycat killer?